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  • Thank you for the words and for all the praises, everyone! It made me ALMOST cry 3 times and 1 successful one, and the truth is that you guys made me really proud of what we achieved together and I'm really grateful for this opportunity in my life. …
  • @Gnatevil you already have it! Haha
  • (Quote) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-WPexVEujg
  • @Scowley Ops! Thank you! It's now fixed! :)
  • If you guys are happy, I'm happy! So here's the updated list of maps: - Hershel's Farm - Fish in a Barrel - Backyard Arena - Big Boss Man - Vermin Control - Dark Corner And the 50% Bruiser Damage bonus is now changed to 50% Scout Damage Bonus. …
  • Don't panic! We can change Nightly Visitors if that's the case. There is time for that still! But we can't change the mission objectives though, so we would have to pick another map. Regarding the bonus, we can only run 50% damage bonus during G…
  • Holy hell. That was a disaster, @Carly First one, I did basically nothing and poor Billy died in vain. Also, I realize that I had TR on Michonne and on the Weapon, so it wouldn't count anyway. You can see this here: https://drive.google.com/file/…
  • @Mystique AWESOME! Thank you for the words and thank you for helping us and the community. We all appreciate your effort. You rock! <3
  • Welcome @Vane ! And remember, don't feed them after midnight! (Image)
  • Yes, Carly dragged me into this, hahaha. I'm up for your challenge, @Mystique :cold_sweat: Do your best!
  • Hey guys! Just to keep you on the loop. We've tested a couple of options and we are considering your suggestions as well. All our tests failed (we tried to inject VP in many ways) BUT we prepared a new one and we are going to try tomorrow. Hopeful…
  • Pics or didn't happen.
  • Hi again! I've just heard back from the devs: So the whisperers are working as designed: - They are revealed if you go closer to them (2 tiles) or if you shoot at them from far - If you shot at them before revealing them, you won't cause any dama…
  • @sbf your case is still under investigation and all the data you guys gave us were forwarded to the devs. But I don't know the outcome of that yet. I'll let you know once I have more info.
  • @mspaev - Just got back from a dev. It's basically performance improvements and the Challenge Leaderboard fix. @Outis - We tried to play around with keys, but we couldn't do much :(. We can't give them as resources (like we did with the compensati…
  • @Firekid sure, you have 1 week to claim both of them. They are separate just so people don't claim the booster by mistake if they want to use for the challenges or for the weekends.
  • @msapaev the leaderboard issue is one of the fixes. I'm asking for more information as we speak. @TJS Everyone, above council level 12, will get the same stuff starting from today at 13:00 UTC.
  • If I'm not mistaken, we should have an update coming this week with some fix including this one. Will double check it tomorrow. :)
  • What happens behind the cameras is not as interesting as it sounds. (Image)
  • @fuckyou What would you like to have instead, Mr.You?
    in oppps Comment by Kaz February 2019
  • (Quote) Yeah, this was fixed in 2.11 or 2.10, don't remember exactly. But at least it worked for me... after my booster ended I had 60 gas. Would mind sending me a private message with your in-game name and guild name so I can take a look? Thanks!
  • I don't really see the point of this thread. Whoever was affected by this issue and believe that it was an unfair decision can contact our support team directly.
  • I see... that's a valid point. The whisperers are only in the Season Missions so they shouldn't have a great impact in the game. I'll bring this up and see if that's part of the design or what we can do before we add them to different kind of missio…