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  • I've played one mission, opened the three chests after completion, and all three were '4 gas'...needless to say, most of that was waste. Besides that, numerous times I've opened chests to 'recieve' excess gas. Just saying it would be nice to 'trade'…
  • @capibara , I ain't just a squirrel, I'm a Northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus). I live where the turquoise dot is on the map (Image) much too far from you. but if the end comes and it's every rodent for its self...I got ur back, cuz! the …
  • I am honored, @capibara wrote on & appreciated my post. I would mail you 8 pounds of grass, but can't part with any of my 'personal use' :p . bl...graze on little capi, graze on B) .
  • lol, @Rubberelemental, the WHOOPS! accomplishment if eefin' EPIC! I've done that one more than a couple times! (I don't say whoops when it happens, but that is a perfect title for it in game!) (Can't use what I say because of censorship...that...and…
  • I too have noticed the MAX level way lower than it was before. Got a couple max level 18 & 19 like 2 weeks ago...just upgraded my council to 17 & tried 3 15 calls, all were rare and max level 16...WTF!?!?!???? I'm currently using maxed out l…
  • @Sipher07 , large caliber basically takes two 'lanes/rows/columns'. You can mow down herds of walkers, especially with a diagonal aim.
  • Why not go big? Act like we're trying to upstage/defame google and make it a 'kill googol walkers'. I'm sure we could pull it off no problem. We'd only need 10¹° days (plus another 10¹°° 20 days tops. Easy! durp
  • To-marr-ow...I mean to-next-year
  • @PimpOfTheDead: you can check what is currently being upgraded by going into your inventory, selecting an item and see if it is available to be scrapped. If the scrap button is there, that's not it...the item being upgraded will not display the scra…
  • 'Story/mission' stages beyond 13. I figure they're gonna try and hold us over hyping the old outpost & the new cemetary challenge, make level 20 (30?) max survivors available, and upgrades to camp buildings. that case it would be the same …