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  • I spent all of my tokens on him from 1 star, and look what I got!!!
  • @David_H79 I'm thinking that I'll use Dale as my outpost assault. He's the most versatile out of all of my assaults. As for my shooters, yeah, I'm thinking I could gamble on Patrick to be a versatile shooter like Dale, and I'll keep Rachel as a …
  • @Gladi Update: I spent 400 gold for the extra slot to accept the epic bruiser, then promoted her to legendary to unlock dodge! I was hoping for a power strike or iron skin, but I'm pretty happy with the result. Can't wait to level her up so I can…
  • @Gladi are you saying that I should keep the epic bruiser I have with the bullet dodge, as well as with the one I just pulled? If I do, I need to pay an extra 400 gold for a new survivor slot.
  • @tabernac Thanks for your opinion! I'll keep her for now till I get something better. One last question: I want to take advantage of this weekend's event, and I'm debating on which rifle I should upgrade. In looking into Daryl's weapon in top right…
  • Update: I unlocked Marksmen on Dale. :) One other question: do you think it's worth upgrading this shooter to a legendary, or just level her up and keep her an epic (marksman, iron skin, dodge, defensive stance)? I only have one other viable shooter…
  • Go with Tammy!!!!!! On a serious note, this one's a tuff one, but I'm slightly leaning towards scrapping the legendary and using the tokens to train Yolanda. Not having any form of dodge is a big no for me, and Yolanda is pretty much useful for an…
  • Update: I became really compulsive with the upgrades. I scrapped Dana, and promoted both Jimmy and Jonathan, only to get defensive stance and vigilant respectively. I scrapped both of them, and I am left with Roy w/ dodge unlocked (keeping Sally o…
  • @Jaden , I have a lot of chips to take my chances on for the hunters, so no worries! The vigilant on Frederick isn't so bad either, since I use the interrupt on his weapon often on outposts. So for now, Sally is probably my best option for scaveng…
  • Thanks for your opinions, everyone! I might just keep Luis for now after @fire_water's comments haha, but should I scrap Freddy if I'm not going to train him? On a separate note, I have a rare bruiser with both dodges + retaliate that I use on …