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  • Just had the same, raided 5x in a row in a few hrs, lost over 2k tg. Shield just not working.
  • I expect that will stop happening as more people build their outpost. Probably only a small percentage of players have built one so far (work, sleep, already upgrading a building etc)
  • @WastelandDan I won't deny there have been mistakes but I'm sure they are learning from them even if it's not obvious, I just hope the Dev team dont become too demotivated by the forum negativity (not aimed at you, just in general). Been a software developer for many years so seen it happen, maybe that's why I sympathise.
  • Sure NG's goal is to make money, as any other business, but I bet the Dev and support teams are more frustrated than people on the forums about the issues. Im sure they do actually want a happy community despite what people may think.
  • Don't forget that $400 holds a different value to each person. To some it's a lot of money, to others it's nothing. To each their own.
  • It's rare that a gaming company talks about its development methods and cycles to players, props to @OldGoth. Though it would be nice to sort out auto zoom ;)
  • I agree, recently posted asking this myself. Drives me crazy.
  • It must be a hard balancing act for the developers, not wanting to devalue the legendary survivors too quickly. Seen this problem in all games of this type that I played. Frustrating at times!
  • Thanks all - I upgraded Lucille overnight and everything looks normal this morning. The health boost is showing up and all stats add up.
  • Ah so it's not just base+armor+trait to get the total hp, there is another addition in there somewhere? That makes things rather confusing!
  • Okay this is even stranger - I put Irene in armor with no health boost and the numbers are even more odd. It looks like the health boost is being applied regardless of the armor trait. But it isn't being applied to Lucille at all.
  • Oh yes, now you mention it I can see the armor health boost isn't showing up for Lucille. I wonder if it's just a GUI glitch or if it's really not applied.