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  • @ochito thanks! The people that put in time and effort into figuring this out, will now have it disappear I’m sure, while others that spent nothing get it because you decided it wasn’t fair? Congrats dude, NG will never give away a recipe for mak…
  • @ignas Now that I think about, this is exactly what happened to me before I was locked out for a full battle
  • Nothing counted last war, restarted 5 times Conclusion.. 0 points total in the battle,
  • Yeah I think that’s enough for personal attacks
  • > @xbamfx said: > Reset the leaderboard for everyone. Make it fair back to 0 for everyone. As you said plenty were affected right? Ok keep reward points reset the board I want my 12 battles over, not 10 not half a battle not a battle giveth a…
  • A guild being targeted?? Come on..
  • > @dg11786 said: > No heat from me I actually like large a lot. Good friend of mine I would say. He disagrees and so do you. Some people agree. But if I magically take your gw points away out of nowhere you would understand too. 23,000 points…
  • Obviously not the connection issues we had, or you wouldn’t have won a war
  • You earned them, never disputed that, all I’m saying is when your team gets flattened in a war where most of the players can’t connect, then the scores are already wrong, and never will be right. The season is over, whether you get the Vp or not. …
  • Still nowhere near accurate, too many connection issues. They can’t be accurate when people aren’t able to score when trying
  • > @dg11786 said: > “They better not get their points they EARNED or I’ll be mad it’s not fair !!” At least you had the chance to earn them, I couldn’t get into the damn game
  • I can assure you I have no influence with NG and can’t decide that But this is why I originally stated everything should be refunded, and the season started over, because there is no way to fix it for everyone. If you get the points, great for y…
  • > @dg11786 said: > > @Large said: > > @dg11786 my point is that it’s under review, it’s already been stated, so complaining more isn’t changing anything. > > I was replying to welly Point still stands, they either fix …
  • @dg11786 my point is that it’s under review, it’s already been stated, so complaining more isn’t changing anything.
  • Oh give it a rest, we understand your pissed, so are we, move on. Wait for a decision, then complain.
  • Yeah I doubt it as well.. preparing to be disappointed
  • @sbf either way the leaderboard will still be wrong, you can’t factor in missing playing time, for example. One 50 minute war, I was able to connect for a total of 15 minutes, how does that get factored in to what my guild scored in that war? Short…
  • @enigma12 while that may work for one guild, it won’t work for everyone. How do you fix a leaderboard and not fix it for everyone? I spent a lot of time not even being able to connect, so how do you work that into fixing the GW scores, and adjusti…
  • > @8900rpm said: > Nice screenshots. It doesn't explain the timestamps. In any case, I have no more time to comment on this. Many people were screwed by the GW glitches. I hope NG compensates everyone. Not sure what your not getting... the…