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  • The night is dark and full of terror...
  • Only one gold, and I grinded hard scavenging missions all weekend.
  • > @hiplnsdrftr said: > When the game comes back the only hero will be Rufus and the current challenge will be "Squeal like a Pig", every time you kill a walker the Dukes of Hazard > 's General Lee's horn will play... heavy walkers won't stun you though, they uh, kinda "do" you... for 3 rounds. Heavy walker leg hump?
  • Looks as though they're cushioning their reviews...
  • Completed with Morgan and Daryl
  • @Captainslayer that's what I was trying to say. They made it very difficult for us to upgrade those heroes to make them effective because a) too many and b) the tokens are too difficult to get. If they were easily upgradable, they might be more usable.
  • @JayZ If we were able to better upgrade our heroes, they'd be just as effective as those pink star characters, if not more. I have to agree with @DeanTWD
  • The first Freeman should not have been a bruiser. One of your two will lose an action if they aren't lucky enough to dodge. This one is truly far harder than it should be. Glad that some of you are figuring it out, but there are others who won't be able to, and others who will keep trying to find ways but will get bugged…
  • > @paintbeast said: > Finally finished hard. Did it by hiding from the third savior and then running across the bottom back to exit. > > Thanks @goonman76 for the hiding tip. I was finally lucky with the first two saviors. I tried the same thing but the heavy completely ignored the Freeman and came after me.
  • So why give away tokens (IE hunter tokens) with character bundles? It's not like you can use those tokens to upgrade Dwight, if by chance you actually unlock him with 20 radios...
  • 2.5 will be named "guns and jars, jars and guns."
    in 2.5? Comment by LordNegan February 2017
  • @Cherokee_Rose You obviously don't follow the Walking Dead comic. Have you seen the uncut season 6 finale? The f-bomb is what makes Negan iconic. He uses the word multiple times in a sentence. Yes, I was role-playing the character to add flavor to the suggestion. By no means was i threatening anyone or the company, but I…
    in NVM Comment by LordNegan February 2017
  • It was a suggestion on how to upgrade purchased gear, such as Lucille, Abraham's Rifle, Carol's knife, etc. Getting components by scavenging and dismantling unwanted gear. I'm sure I'm not the only one a bit frustrated that money we spent on weapons and armor can't be upgraded similar to characters. I just wanted to add a…
    in NVM Comment by LordNegan February 2017
  • Change.org petition. Force NextGames to change Maggie's last name from Greene to Rhee. Really, I jest.
  • The answer to that is Legacy missions. Just like equipment, food and experience missions, you can have runs that offer 2 (bronze), 4 (silver), and 10 (gold) tokens when you complete the run.
  • Especially the iconic weapons such as Rick's Python, Michonne's Katana, Daryl's Crossbow, Morgan's Staff, etc. You don't have to add or improve on the traits because its based on the character's percentages, just allow the weapons to level up damage, and like the characters, the higher the level, the more it costs to level…
  • I've now tried 12 straight scavenging missions and not one radio has dropped. Anyone else experiencing this?