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  • We Started this challenge with chips on our shoulders because there was a lot of insinuation in the forums that we were cheating from painwalker and some others so yeah to have 2 battles erased on top of that is frustrating and suspicious. So yes the attacks were personal on us before this thread even opened.
  • @Jaden yeah i say your a hypocrite. If you cared about your guild then you should have used your key with your guild so no you didn't do everything for your guild Usually by The end of the war we have zero keys left we coordinate and play very well together that's why we have a high score. We get mad, frustrated and want…
  • @Jaden didn't you come fight GW with our guild last war to collect the Daryl tokens. You weren't worried about your guild or the largest group of players then were you? I smell hypocrite
  • I say to be fair let's deduct approximately 23k vp from every guild out there because that's what happened to us. Not could've been not would've been but proof to what is there. If NG does this on top of compensation they gave everybody then I'll be happy with it. We also had players that lost keys had trouble logging on…
  • @WellyLuga many of us were frustrated as well and didn't want to play but we strapped our boots up and played regardless. We had our proof (screenshots) and we just figured @Kaz and the crew would make it right. Trust and belief in NG to do the right thing. We know they make honest mistakes and usually fix them if you can…
  • If i was on a plane and i lost my wallet and it had 1000$ in it and i had proof i would want my 1000$ back. I would not be happy if they gave me and everyone else on the plane 500$. If i was one of the people getting $500 (who didn't loose 1000$) i would be happy. Seems there is a lot of this going around. Lots of happy…