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  • I have a new awesome survivor that I leveled but haven't even badged up yet. I was busy this weekend so didn't get to take advantage of the event, and I'm not real inclined to spend two hours filling out a spreadsheet to track my existing badges. I support anything that makes it easier to track and manage badges in game.
  • Good sir, I am not inclined to get into a flame war with you, nor to act as a defender of all decisions NG has made or may make in the future. I have never presented myself as any sort of holier-than-thou person, and I suspect some of the subtextual animosity between us comes from that misinterpretation - as if, by…
  • Yes, I think they would NEVER do that, because a decision like that would OBVIOUSLY destroy the game and be the end of FTP and semi-FTP. I don't rely on goodwill on their part, just a modicum of business sense and data analysis that OBVIOUSLY shows doing so would destroy their revenue beyond the point of being salvaged.…
  • Didn't you just mention this in the suggestion thread and then back off when criticized by saying it was all sarcasm? Was it, really? Is this post above sarcasm too?
  • I suppose that depends on the scale. Are you looking for a five-star rating, a ranking between 1 and 10 Joeys, or something more descriptive, like something between "Oops, my bad" when you walk into an unlocked but occupied bathroom stall and "Our deepest condolences" when you are the organizers of the Titanic's maiden…
  • It is still called The Challenge...
  • High damage scout weapons have great uses on their own, especially for certain Challenge maps and The Distance. But - anything with gold Swift Strike and Threat Reduction are the best overall scout weapons IMO because they use the two traits that are unique to scout weapons and are the most useful on any map with a spawn.…
  • I'm very happy to see no council update. Maxed supplies is no concern for me. I'd much rather have some time to keep leveling my survivors and finding good weapons instead of being forced to start all over again with a new level.
  • Yep ^^^ Add armor with gold Ruthless on it, and holy amazeballs! Combine with damage and crit damage badges to bring pain to those level 38 tanks on the Distance.
  • Definitely Road Runner at high level. It's infuriating.
  • I think we both know what the purpose is, it's just not polite to say. I would refer to rule No. 4, subsection 2, in the Forum Rules & Guidelines. It rhymes with "bowling."
  • It's a shame this thread was near-destroyed by a single poster. I hope anyone who is actually new will skip the middle pages and feel free to pop in here with their own introduction. We're not all bad.
  • @Drunken doesn't like me. That's all.
  • Also, I think they do have Merle tokens in the trade shop, though I couldn't speak to the rate. He seems pretty rare, so maybe not that often/only if you're lucky. They definitely have Gov there from time to time. M ight be low percentage chances, or maybe just be the three letters everybody hates to hear when they can't…
    in Methe tokens Comment by Mabiki June 2018
  • 3 slots, 4 rolls, 40 phones - Not bad.
  • I think it's when you take a bunch of pictures from magazines and such and cut them out and mix them together to make a new picture.
  • Perhaps you should slow down and examine some of the existing content on the forum instead of starting new threads every 20 minutes. It can come across as annoying and monopolizing the discussion board. Thread you derailed with 8 pages of pizza references: "New here? Introduce yourself" Threads you started today alone that…
  • @Jenng Looks like you're ready for some skeet shootin'. Ready, PULL!
  • @freedydaddy It goes here.
  • An improvement to heroes in no way equals a nerf to regular survivors.
  • The crate's not actually blocked in that first pic. But kill em all anyway. That's what Outpost is for.
  • ... I never called anyone an idiot, or anything of the sort. I'm dismayed that you feel it takes holiness to be a decent human being and avoid comparing unsatisfying game experiences to rape. It's pretty basic. It really says more about you than it does about me. And yeah, I'm HighRoading you on that. Without shame.…
  • Since it seems there are only a handful of people who have commented on this concern, I am inclined to believe it is merely a matter of perception and luck, rather than a general problem.
  • Bonus TGs for raids, guaranteed trait weapons in the TG store, 3 rounds per round pass, and bruisers start charged isn't enough for you? Tough crowd. It's almost as if you would be unhappy no matter what the event was, which is odd for someone who claims to have quit the game... As to keesters and your poo-tastic…
    in What now? Comment by Mabiki May 2018
  • @Drunken Your choice of language in your first sentence is ... unfortunate, to put it generously. It belies either a misuse or misunderstanding of language, a tendency toward hyperbole, and a general insensitivity that would allow you to apply such a serious word to a frivolous mobile game. The remainder of your sarcastic…
  • I guess someone's sense of smell was not as honed as one might hope. But that's good news. Must have been something else blowing from upwind.
  • Maybe wait and see before pulling out the jump-to-conclusions mat. Just a thought.
  • there's an lol on my comment already. I wasn't trying to be funny. but seriously. what does it mean to "sim" a scavenge mission. You want to simulate it? like run a pretend mission to see what might happen? Sorry, I'm not down with all the lingo these jive cats are throwing around in the RL. I mean, I think I'm pretty woke…
  • I don't know what these means. Can you explain?