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  • I like the idea of reworking Hunter Daryl. I don't understand what NG was thinking as he was slowly eclipsed by other heros' traits. Daryl should be essential, and as highly valued as Sasha in a fight. I'm a show junkie, so yeah, both versions of Daryl should make him a premier hero.
  • What are Beth's traits? 
But with fast walkers, you can't use a turn to stop the bleed without getting hit again. These maps are pretty tight. The bleed thing is ridiculous. Too much damage and way to early in the challenge. This is gonna be short one for me.
    in LakeSide Comment by MacV August 2020
  • Thanks for the info @Fluxxx . Looking forward to all the new stuff.
  • @Fluxxx Sorry if you have already been asked this, didn't see it. Can you confirm whether flat badges are going away? It's going to be a major drawback for those of us who have invested significant time and money if we can't be assured of % badges. I sure wouldn't spend money on components if I couldnt control that.…
  • Thanks! @LoneWanderer360 
  • Does anyone know when this will drop?
  • Sorry to be late checking back. Thanks for the notes @TJCart and @ATLAS-Z . Recap: Council 22, highest survivor 22, no pink stars, every crate has lvl 22/23 gear except scavenge which is ALL 27. I do pay 5 for gas now. It begin immediately after the update. Nothing else I can point to. I wound up sending in a ticket, help…
  • Both normal and hard, same results.
  • It's not about fielding 5 active players @echonap , it's about fielding 20 players to fill the 40 slots. That means if there is any reason 1 person can't play, or just doesn't want to, they are putting their guild at a big disadvantage. Life happens, and ppl can't always play. It's a shame an otherwise competitive guild…
  • It's only a matter of time before not updating our devices begins to cause other problems. @Fluxxx , can you at least confirm it is being worked on?
  • NG wants players to spend, so I doubt resource sharing will occur. It's just business. I do think that NG should make a permanent option to spend tomatoes in the trade shop. I've had 20m forever, spend it, and builds right back up in no time. Why can't I use them on a regular basis for trade? Even a few days a week would…
  • @Fluxxx Edited to remove rant. Sorry. And thanks for the rest of the updates. Looking forward to it all . . . except Alpha. Just saying.
  • I love playing the game with Trinity. It's no surprise to me how well and how far this guild will take it. Thanks for posting this, @mcjack44 ! So proud to be in this tribe of fierce walker slayers.
  • @msapaev LOL, you are not the first person to tell me that in the last few minutes. Guess I'm having a brain fart this morning. Thanks for responding. @Vane ...Nevermind. Sorry
  • @Vane Why are there no components and fragments in Normal mode? I think this is the 3rd week I've noticed that. We have newer players who cannot play hard mode yet. This is a big take away for those players. Need to put them back, please.
  • So proud to play the game with this awesome guild!
  • @Vane, It's been known for awhile that iOS gives a big advantage on the speed. I feel like I'm competing against Apple, not other guilds. So kind of pointless in terms of guild competition from my Android perspective. It's killed any enthusiasm I started out with for GW. Just wanted to say that, no response expected.
  • @Vane It's apparent you are listening, and I am glad of that. Keep in mind the continued problems have already cost us some valuable players. There is no compensation for that kind of loss. When we lost our RP last week, quite a few of us spent a mountain of gold for healing to push as much as we could to regain our RP…
  • @Vane And another thing. The 5s upgrade is a waste for those of us who upgraded everything last week. PHONES would be a better compensation. Come one guys. The mood in my guild is very low. We are mostly lvl 70 players. Throw us something that makes it worth it.
  • @Vane that last grind to restore RP was a killer. You guys have got to do more than free boosters to make up for having this issue AGAIN. Seriously. We are loosing seasoned players from game fatigue and this kind of problem is the tipping point for some.
  • Looking forward to the upgrade. I don't that's every happened before... Thanks for soliciting player ideas and feedback and making the plaing experience better. I think these changes are spot-on.
  • I guess I'm a mid-level player, working my way to end gamer. Lvl 70, usually get to lvl 36 before I either run out of time or just get sick of spending gold/gas, but I've kissed lvl 40 once. All that to say, I like this. The traffic jam on the weekend events will be lightened when you make The Distance more accessible with…
  • Same as @Jaden . 1) Distance from Monday (or Tuesday) to Sunday - one free reset (so 2 playable for free like now), two resets for gold (same as now)... This makes it easy to play whenever you have time.
  • NG, ditto. Where are the tc bundles? Also, when xp is full, shouldn't we get all or most tc in the reward crates? I'm at lvl 31 in the challenge and haven't seen tc, but all xp though I am full on xp. Not cool when there are upgrades that need tc.
  • NG! Ditto. Where are the tc bundles? Also, to anyone who may know. We don't get tc in the challenge crates when it's full, but now my xp is full and tc is near empty, and all I am getting in the crates are xp. I thought if one was full, the other kicked in. TC wasfull for so long, I hadn't noticed if the reverse was true.…
  • @Firekid So a second after I sent that, it occured to me. I rarely use bruisers, and when I do, I rarely have this many freeman to go up against. I wouldn't have noticed overwatch with ranged weapons. So I learned something new today, thanks.
  • > @Firekid said: > @MacV the "preempt" attack you seeing is because they are in overwatch. Just like you when your survivors are in over watch they get an attack if walker, raider comes into range. If the raider hasn't attacked you and its not the first time you've seen them assume they are in overwatch and stand back.…
  • I just came in for the beer, but I see I am not alone in my confusion about the Superpower freeman. They don't stay stunned, pre-empt a charged stun attack by striking first, and pre-empt regular attacks with shot and stabs. I didn't know freeman had a revenge trait.(No, i don't have vids.) I don't mind the challenge be…
  • > @Steeboon said: > Anyone experienced the bruiser freeman not getting stunned by a bruiser charged Attack? Just happened to me on Mission Left Behind all day long. also, having freeman preempt a strike with a shot, stab and stun. i thought this was turn based play.