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This is as wrong as it can get. Im beating 360+ power guys left and right with my 297 power epics. It's because of the grenades. At 7 mill mark I can shoot 8 bullets with Piledriver between Slims eyes and it doesn't die, so basically every…
  • Some of that stuff could be pushed under the "bag". Compass and Story missions at least, maybe even Bike/Tickets/Weekly/Dailies, and show the bag as orange and small number (1,2,etc.) on top of it to show how many notifications you have in…
  • Agreed with Trumpf, except that it needs to have capped weapon power as well. Someone with 400+ power Epic guns is going to automatically be "better walker slayer" than someone with 300 or say 200 power guns. There's no skill involved if …
  • Its level 22 for everyone. Unless the mission was just changed from a normal/rare/epic raider outpost to Vegan's Sanctuary few minutes before you attempt to play it, then it could be any level from your mission level range. I saw level one level 26…
I need to comment on this one. Simply because the value of a single, or multiple, flares is actually higher now than it was never before. When most of the people are in some sort of lockdown, or the time they can spend outside is limited du…
  • Although I 100% understand JZom's frustration to the situation, and I partly agree that having advantage in "race" is very poor balance-wise, I just want to point out that most, if not all, players from top10 to top30 are paying probably b…
  • It is "rounded up".
This is wrong. It is always at least 5 levels. The missions range. If your minimum is , let's say 20, you would see missions level 20-23 as "easy level missions" and 24+ are "hard level missions". 75% of the time when y…
  • Bases seem to give most, encounters least. Whisp encs might be a good choice too, but they also give naturally legs every now and then so its hard to say if they are better or worse option than infs, as an example.
  • Yup. Sitting with 9.5mill coins, waiting for upgrades on leg cards (300 cards away on average per leg card) so i guess i just.. wont play. And i dont even have ridicilously high PPL.
  • New Hero Talent: Gives all legendary cards a buff.
Sure. Every week have a hero and gun buffed. Create legendary infestations (6 stages, Make them have random but balanced amount of walkers and Whisperers, and dont show which type you are gonna face). give a reward of that specific card and…
  • I want to see "buff this legendary card" events. I have no desire to collect any other than legendary cards, since I cannot upgrade anything without upping my PPL - which makes legendaries even more crap compared to other cards.
  • Its a bug. The cards from daily/weekly/season quests are pre-set. Once the day/week/season turns. it sets the cards you will receive as rewards. If you manage to max out that specific card (in your case, dynamite cards) before you open that specific…
  • There definitely should be a balance between Leg/Epic/Rare/Common cards, PPL and Level gated missions. There is literally no point having level gates, if it forces half of the guns out of the picture. And it would be so bloody easy to actually buff …
  • They could just give all legendary cards (heroes and weapons) a quite high number of perks. Something like 10, heck why not 12. That way, you gain power from the perks, which doesnt raise your PPL anyhow. Having WAR with 4x crit perk would be equal …