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  • By the way, thank you @Teeceezy for your prompt and pleasant responses. While many (including myself) are venting their frustrations, it is very much appreciated that you are listening. Your job must be very difficult. Thank you for doing it so well.
  • I have to say that, given how long we have waited for a council upgrade, having to get to level 59 is disheartening. I would have thought that we would be able to upgrade it immediately considering how long we have had to wait. Have I mentioned that we have been waiting a long time for this? Well, if I haven't, NG should…
  • In Outpost I got 'searching' for a looonnnggg time, then 'no matches found. One time it gave me a match, but as soon as I clicked the '2 gas' button, it said 'player came online'
  • @Teeceezy Can we get an estimated time for the maintenance to be completed? Just a best guess, but nothing you'll be held to. An honest guess is better than 'soon'. Thanks.
  • @Shteevie Here's a constructive suggestion. How about increasing the critical chance slightly to make it as effective as the other assault weapons in it's class, but not all powerful. I loved playing with it. It was fun! But, as it is now, it's just plain goofy. Or increase the range and effective area to be on a par with…
  • I, personally, won't buy anything. And if they look at my spending history, it'll add up. I think that they should look at us customers as shareholders. Every time we make a purchase, we invest in their company. If they can't stand behind their products, why should we?
  • That would certainly explain their aberrant behavior. It just doesn't make sense to alienate their existing, paying customer base in favor of the (fingers crossed) influx of potential new players. They lost revenue when people left after Interruptgate. More now with Reckoninggate. They completely missed the opportunity…
  • @kryptonix at no point did I ever notice being all powerful. And believe me, I'd notice that! Lol So there are a very few people who will spend the massive amounts of time it would take to get 100 extra stars. Not to mention gas and gold for healing? When the majority don't play that way, why punish them? We're getting off…
  • For a longer term idea you could let us start clearing and fortifying the buildings surrounding our camps. Get rocks from the quarry outposts to build walls. I'm sick of living in tents! The reason we earn so much xp is because it's the only way to stay warm in the winter. And the latrines stink to high heaven in the…
  • @kryptonix Those 6 stars weren't easy. I one starred six missions. OMG I almost crashed the game!!! I bought the legendary because of how the rare functioned. I am upset because NG changed how they functioned. I don't really care about the minutiae of how and why they functioned as they did. I bought it because of what was…
  • Also if you run options for supplies in the trade goods store one day a week or during one stocking session every few days, it would allow us to take a little off the top without too much risk of hoarding.
  • They took gas out of crates when you have 24 hour gas. They could take supplies out of crates when your full. That way you can get something useful out of them. Also, in gift crates. It is very disheartening to spend gold on a gift only to have people who are full receive supplies.
  • Open letter to NG: I have been playing this game for over a year. You probably wouldn't even need the fingers on both hands to count how many times I've posted on the forum. So I am not a chronic complainer. I just have to have my say this time around. I had no idea that The Reckoning wasn't causing body shots. I honestly…