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  • It's a good idea that has been suggested many times in the past. ;)
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  • I think I would prefer Dale to Otis for common sniper hero
  • @scottmag14 I am not sure if the "radio perk" was intended as a joke but you know it could be a cool idea. The radio perk could allow you to have acces to someone else watchtower. The more you upgrade the card, the more friend's watchtowers you could visit. But it should stay at a relatively low number like maybe 5 max....…
  • Mmmm..... Those are all good questions. I am not at that point yet in my progression but almost all my grey and blue cards are maxed already. They are by far my most powerfull cards right now. My epics are starting to be decent and some of my legendary also. I think that your concerns are valids. More and more players are…
  • I have made many suggestions for this game because I love it. But this one is my favorite. I would realy like to have it included in the game. If you have read the comic books and watch the TV series, you sure know that "watch towers" are very present in them. It is something crucial to the survival of all the people still…
  • @BostonLvr I would realy prefer if this feature remains free for everyone. My intention with this suggestion is tho make things more fair between players. That the fact that you live in a less densely populated area does not make your game experience less entertaining than for the players who live in big cities with tons…
  • And concerning this topic more precisely, I just want to say that for me, the addition of the free roam is one of the best feature of this game. Often when I wake up late at night and there is no flare active in my team, I just scratch one or two and go around my neighborhood untill my eyes close again. I do agree that…
  • I may be off-topic but does anyone knows when the cane will be available again for the ones who did not get it the first time? Some of my teamates asked me that question.
  • Ha ha ha! Good one!
  • What amazes me is that you keep doing it season after season. It is proof of very good team management and players' dedicated contribution! Great job.
  • @Bemxuu The group gifts was a wondefull idea btw. My teamates bought a lot of those. It was very well received. And they were all disapointed when it ended. 
  • I thought that also once but then I realized that some players could exploit this with alts accounts . Farming ressources with them to give it to their main account. Tell me if I am wrong. 
  • it's been there for quit some time now, and the feedback was good . Even Felipe wrote me about it.
  • @RedsWorld Take a look at my suggestion New building type: The Watchtower give me feedback please It's on page 3 of the suggestion and ideas.
  • @DakilangSisa I like that idea since I have the bad habit of focusing on one mission and missing good opportunities for others... than when i realized it I have to go back through all the flares over and over again to do the ones I missed. lol
  • Today I had a very good exemple how it could be usefull. In our board, we had rare infestations with rare hero to do and armored with grenades..... I came accros a rare armored infestation level 27.... cool! perfect for both of them. So I started doing it with rare Hershel to get the x2 bonus... and every time I threw a…
  • @DakilangSisa Yes I though about that. My decision to put it at the top was to prevent hitting it by mistake if a walker gets near the bottom of the screen.
  • @Dahlia Thank you for your answer. I told him to do so. He had problem to link his video to his support ticket but I told him to just copy/paste the link of his video in his message.
  • Good morning everyone. I have to apologize. Yes... I do. After playing bronze, silver, and Gold division and in good position to reach Champion I realized that I was wrong concerning the grenade cap. I did a lot of raiders bases to increased my number of grenades and was lucky watching some adds too so I was able to gather…
  • @Carnage What you say is totally true. I can't contradicted anything you said. And I realy like this new feature also. The only problem I see and that's why I am in favor of grenade caping, it's the way that this new feature was advertised and presented to us. " A true test of skill" "A chance to measure your skills…
  • TO EVERYONE, I think you are going a little hard on JZom. He has the right to bring some negative points in here. Ok, he does not always has the right choice of words... 😉. The facts that he reported here were indeed troubling and I was glad that he brought it here. He was not nice on me on one of my post and we took that…
  • In my board, I was first all day with a score of 6,9M. Everyone after that was in between 2M and 5M.... and suddenly someone same level as me, came and did 22M!!!!!!!!!!! If it's going to be like that it won't be fun. 
  • Discussing with my teamates, the question that comes out the most is how your rivals are determined? Is it by region? or it's just random? Grenade caping is essential I think in this kind of tournament. I don't want someone who is too loose on his purse to just wins his place by buying tons of them. People are a little…
  • For level 1 to 4, if you consider that it might be a little too hard for a starter player, we could give 5 days each for upgrading. I have no problem with that. it would give this: level 1 20 drops 5 days 4 drops/day level 2 30 drops 5 days 6 drops/day level 3 40 drops 5 days 8 drops/day level 4 50 drops 5 days 10 drops/day
  • I made that second sheet to show the comparison with the current drop setup and what I am suggesting. The result will be that it's going to be a "little harder" to start a building.... but let's be honest, having to drop 20 survivors in one day for level 1, it's nothing. And up to 10, it would still be relatively easy to…
  • I think you are touching a very important point here. It is true that when you decide to help a teamate saving one of his buildings, you have to "sacrifice" some of your profit. Considering the fact that I am receiving around 5000-6000 coins in average when I drop in my buildings.... helping a friend to save his should…