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  • I think you are touching a very important point here. It is true that when you decide to help a teamate saving one of his buildings, you have to "sacrifice" some of your profit. Considering the fact that I am receiving around 5000-6000 coins in average when I drop in my buildings.... helping a friend to save his should…
  • @Bemxuu Comparison sheet is done. :)
  • You know what I will try to complete it before showing it. Should not take too much time.
  • with the current setup or with my suggestion? or both side by side?
  • @Bemxuu In fact i did.... lol. Yes I am that crazy. But I was lacking some datas to complete it. But I am sure NG has already all those datas. 
  • @Bemxuu Thanx. This is exactly the reply I was waiting for. But I do disagree on one point. When I am investing hundreds of dollars in a game, and I know for sure that there is cheating around, I just can't keep that a secret. If Carnage had taken the time to read completly my post from the beginning, we would have seen…
  • @Candel65 I am sorry to disagree with you on being able to steal from another player safe houses. But there is already very little interest by players in them. I am probably the only one who still likes them and wish to keep on upgrading them higher and higher for nothing. lol. But if on top of that other players can come…
  • Good job people! You probably don't remember me but I used to go help you guys with your board in another life. When we could visit other teams without cooldown.
  • Let's go back to the the top of this post.... guess I was right. :wink:
  • Yeah my first "disagree" by someone first post ever and with no face!!!! Finally some attention!
  • To goal of this post was to expose a situation that still exists and gives certain unscrupulous players a direct advantage over others. I don't think it's the role of legit players to expose the ones who cheats at least not in public. That's why I did not give any names here. But the situation MUST be exposed. It can't be…
  • This situation is a kind of perturbing me at many levels. First I saw the screenshots. And I have to admit that one player doing close to 30 000 rottens kills on a mission while the other do around 6000 - 7000 is very unsettling. I have never seen that. I don't know much about the Alexendria project and it's implications…
  • First, I want to apologize for my bad english. It is not my native language. I am a little disapointed for not receiving any comments on my idea. I know it's a very long post but it's for a huge update suggestion. People have been asking for PvP for a long time now and here I spend a lot of time thinking of a way to bring…
  • Yes , I think it sure is. But it does not give the same liberty of movement. But it was indeed greatly appreciated by all players. Spoofers use their app to get acces to the best spots in the world like Semarang city in Indonesia I kept seing poping up here and there in the top teams I visited, That spot is so densely…
  • @JZom ok. I see. My bad, I misinterpreted what you said. thanx for the explanation. In fact, this is what I see too. Some players are still investing a lot in flares. I could never do that. My budget does not permit it. As for the spoofing. I understand that it might be difficult because of the flares to detect those…
  • Gee, that's must be a very annoying bug. personally, I desactivated the "gore and blood" thing on my game because it was too demanding on my phone. It made my game crash too.
  • If i understand correctly what JZom is saying... with my limited knowledge of the game it's that any suggestions made here that are not solely directed at taking these level 30 and up bored players out of their misery will be turned into derision. These 200-300 something players in the the top teams are all that matters.…
  • @JZom ha ha ha. You are totally right. I have started the game last week. My only hero is Michone and I am using only the wildcat smg. Doh!!!
  • @Bemxuu thanx for your comment. It is constructive. And you are right, there is no way to know what negative impacts my suggestion could bring. I am probably one of the rare few who still have interests in buildings. Must be my architectural background! I will come up with other ideas. 😁
  • It's an interesting idea. But as soon as I said that I realized that next game could see in that another opportunity to take cash out of us. Right now Daryl's bike cost 14$ for 30 days... for many players it's too much. What if for half that price, you could get a horse!! Which would give you a little something different.…
  • @JZom he he, i am working on an all new PvP system proposal that I will post soon. 
  • A full spikes encounter too would be fun... and challenging! 😁
????? What? I don't know in wich teams you have been but in every single one I did, many players keep on buying the 70$ flare pack every time it shows up in the shop. And I've been in many of the top ones... so please, can you explain how you get to this statement?
  • Yes, I have observed the same thing too. But I am still able to just "tap" the screen to get fast headshots though.
  • but i do agree that a PvP system should be introduced in the game for the ones who want it. 
  • @JZom I am very sorry to disagree with you but if such a system is ever installed in the game, you won't have anything to steal from me because I won't be there anymore. 😉
  • I think what KapoDaDon is leading to would be that the safe houses become a little like the battle arena in Pokémon Go. With probably defending teams and rewards for taking them. I am not a big fan of PvP but it would certainly bring an all new twist to the game.
  • Per day, mmm i don't know but last week, looking at the team's stats i collected over 7000. So i guess saying 1000 per day could be close to it.
  • @zbot normally that's what we do but sometimes, there is a hole in communications and situations like that happen. But i realy like this suggestion. Beside the flare's name, in the flare list, there could be a place where you can drop an additional flare or more.