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  • It's absolutely stupid new players are punished for playing high RSL levels by extreme healing costs. I just started playing and pay much more than players with level 78. If you don't want fresh players to finish challenges, THEN DON'T MAKE THEM SO EASY! btw: It took me five weeks... 
  • @fragcandance Congratulations to you and your guild for a perfect challenge. It's a bit odd you're demanding first place for finishing earlier then we did, but ok. Hopefully that's not how you're making love... :wink: I always do 4,878. I left the game after 4 or 5 maximum scores in May, came back to hell in September to…
  • Now that it's almost over, we can resume it's been a quite tough but in the end very playable challenge. Far more than 100 players finished with 4,878. Two guilds (so far) made maximum scores. It can't have been this bad then. :smile: I still don't like the randomness and the need of retries. After all "Search the Area"…
  • I hate it because of the lottery leading to millions of retries. :angry: It’s not hard, it’s just expensive BS. Nerf Yumiko and make normal challenges a kind of a challenge again. And remove the 80 round cap. People want to go to 20K and above (again). I will definitely not do more than the guild minimum. I just need to…
  • @fragcandance Good luck to you guys, that’s what I wanted to say. Farewell and have a great life! :) Oh and congratulations to winning the “first real guild maximum secret race” award. I send you a virtual hug. o:)
  • @fragcandance you forgot to mention the record of most banned players in a single guild.
What does that say about you, Camembert? “Bla, some arguments - more or less reasonable. But then: But by the way: everything anyone else says is stupid, if he or she is connected to RiH or BCS...” Definition of Forum Troll. 
  • If NG was looking for a cute golden coffin nail to the game mode challenge, they found it!! Congratulations!! 5.5 years of a great game ending with a giant and insurmountable wall, with large spikes on it. Players can choose to get the spikes in the face or in the ass. Yay! Creative, NG! 
  • brucewayne007 said: 
Men like you are the reason I became lesbian. :D
  • Shane’s Buckshot with piercing lucky and no piercing? I’ll buy 5 of them and get a half nude Shane outfit for free! Yeah! Sixpack Time!
  • @Busta not everyone is happy with changing guilds like their pants. And sorry, but stacking is no rocket science. Anyone can calculate in a minute, which is the best strategy. The way stacking works is the problem. If you could just play any map at any time, it would be the same strategic work and less stressful. Or let…
  • I founded two super successful guilds and met so many great people in the game. I played with the best and became one of them. But somehow I didn’t feel home. When I joined RiH a few months ago, I got this warm feeling from the start. Certainly it’s hot in hell, so no wonder it feels warm? ;) That‘s a too easy explanation.…
  • I can’t tell much positive about BloodyChainsaw. Yes he’s a good player and very creative. Ok, and a great guild leader, too. But he didn’t invite me to challenge chat last week, where he shares all his videos with his “friends”. All I said was he should use Beta ffs. And that’s it. Out of friend zone forever. Or two days.…
  • In fact he’s just a normal guy playing this game. I voted for him being Santa, because he always finds solutions, most of us other guys don’t find. Tool free solutions, which make them so special. And he shares every strategy with his friends, it feels like a bunch of gifts every week. :)
  • NG always gives you what you need. :smile:
  • I didn‘t play for about 3 years - I was kind of notorious at that time - and when I came back, I was excited to see GW, which is something new and not as boring as always playing the same challenges again and again. GW is very challenging and for me resulted in many frustrating moments, where my poor survivors suffered…
  • Most players use Line, WhatsApp or other messengers for communication, sharing Screenshots, Strategies, cookie recipes and so on. So if your guild isn't as active as you want it, consider joinning a new one, @kkbraden. :smile:
  • I'd really like to have a trade system. Just stop nerfing all and everything @Shteevie and you gain a lot of time for this fantastic feature. :kissing_smiling_eyes:
  • Thanks @Terminates :smile: My LLS will stay low then :lol: Till they nerf them :cry:
  • Will there be double XP only or double XP plus faster Survivor upgrades? No need to apologize, but the Video was cool. :smile:
  • COAAARRRLL, time to upgrade your LLS! Thanks for the cool video.
  • I don't understand it, @Squall. You love @Bill_ZRT with your... Butt??? Should he feel offended or honored?
  • lol, @Shteevie. It's a leaderboard. You're not at CERN programming software for the LHC. And as you HAVE the scores of the guilds, you just have to put them in a TABLE. If I had my devs reporting they can't fix such a crucial feature, I'd make them type down the top50 every day and put them on my homepage... And that's my…
  • Thank you for your statistics and for providing the raw data. I had to go through this to compare with the current results of many german players contributing to my statistics. I only count the best results of the three guys you could choose of. The more token you get the better, but when there is the same amount of hero…
  • I love your sense of humor. What should we do without you? Thank you :smile:
  • Just to push this Info: The Guild Council is still very active and will be more than happy, if you join us as a leader or elder of a guild or guild family. Just send a PM to Jester. It would be helpful to have the App "Line" installed.
  • @TroubleMan and @ ALL: Guild Council is stil very active and would appreciate the help of any guild leader or elder of any guild (15 members and more) or guild family. It would be more than helpful, if you have the App "Line" installed. Just PM @jester and join us. But remember the motto "Working together to make the game…