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  • I guess what your saying is we should be taken care of better than we. Which I totally agree. We get crumbs instead a slice of bread, heaven forgive we get the whole loft of bread
  • So another question is the rare whisper missions that need a shot gun currently. As there is a mission on our board that has us using a shot gun on rare missions. Did this get over looked as well? Will these also count on the overall community whisper bonus?
  • This is a great point and something as a new leader, I thank you guys for posting it. I just figured out people coming in, claiming rewards, which resets their activitiy log. But they show as not contributing to the board, so I warn them and then boot them if nothing changes. Usually this happens to the new people that…
  • @SierraEcho guess you didn't see the other thing I brought up to them and sorry for thinking everyone reads everything that is posted before commenting. I asked about the tile we had that had us using a rifle on whispers and if it was going to come up again while we were trying to complete the community mission. You can…
  • Morgan, thank you for getting back to me so quickly. We figured it was because the season was prepared before like you said. Very AWESOME to count the rifle kills towards the total, glad I mentioned it to you.
  • @Morgan thanks for clarifying the LEVEL question. My point has always been I worked to get my T-Dogs power up and did so but then when the update was made I lost the power and he went down below 200. I have said above I spent money to do that and it was not refunded to me after the update. Why was nothing done? Why was it…
    in T Dog Comment by Miltonbyron May 6
  • @SierraEcho thanks for the support. @Dahlia I did report it and what I was told I mentioned about. I don't think it's fair, just as sierraecho says, paying money once and losing it is bad but hearing what sierra said, now people paid twice. It is not the amount but the principal that they just didn't care when I said…
    in T Dog Comment by Miltonbyron May 5
  • @Dahlia thanks for the response. Power was over 200 when he gets demoted. Don't know about level as I don't know how to find that. What I do know is I along with others spent money to either get him to add to their game, power or level him up and that was taken away from us, without compensation. I apologize if you think I…
    in T Dog Comment by Miltonbyron May 5
  • @SierraEcho thanks for your input. But in my opinion no matter if I chose like you said to unlock him first day or not, the facts are I spent money to do it and then spent money again to level him up. They took away the level he was, this taking away something from me and not compensating me. When they did this, no matter…
    in T Dog Comment by Miltonbyron May 5
  • We have the right to be compensated for the money we would have spent to get him there. Even if I spent money on a weapon or another hero to get the chance to level him up, that's wrong that we don't get compensation. I'm not as concerned about what level he is or the cards you mentioned. It's the hard earned money spent.…
    in T Dog Comment by Miltonbyron May 4
  • My point is the compensation, they removed from his level, there should have been something given to us, for the reason mentioned above. When they told me the term of service covered them I said ok, BUT it's like watching a commercial for medication. They list warning for side effects if you take them . No place in the…
    in T Dog Comment by Miltonbyron May 4
  • The point is we spent money for coin's or gold to even reach getting him from the mission he was available. Then you spent it again to improve his level So no matter what way you look at it, we spent money on him to prove him. When they lowered his level, they took our money spent to get him that high and didn't compensate…
    in T Dog Comment by Miltonbyron May 4
  • I was very upset with this issue that dropped my T-dog. @Beeleanza has a valid point, which I argued with someone from support for days about getting no satisfaction at all. There point was in terms of service it says they can make changes to the game at thier liking. I didn't go back to look when I started this to see the…
    in T Dog Comment by Miltonbyron May 4