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  • Doing 200 raids @5000 TG each. It took him 4 or 5 days because there were plenty of 5000TG targets in the top 50. 1Million was the absolute limit but this restriction was removed since last patch.
  • @Rubberelemental He had more than 1 million TGs and he bought everything he needed so why not save them? :) Yep, if he traded that TGs for gold chests, he would get more than 10million food and several millions of experience (+radios and gold). @PimpOfTheDead If you see him again, feel free to steal him everything!…
  • Ok master, you are right you are "one of the most technical and accomplished players" and your data to support your position is so overwhelming that we in fact are liars or cheaters or both!
  • Umm, I show you proof that it is possible and you call us liars, nice... Ofc I start with a maxed pre 1.7 patch because It was possible to be maxed at that time: It was needed around 14M food to be maxed from 1.6 to 1.7 and it lasted 21 days, so 660K/day needed or 500k/day if you count 3.3M from full supplies at the start…
  • Let check if it is possible or not: Building .... Cost in Millions of food Council.... 1.86 Training... 2.35 Work......... 2.35 Radio........ 2.35 Tent.......... 4.24 (2.12 x2) Supplies.. 6.12 (2.04 x3) Supplies.. 4.25 (new supplies storage at council 16) Outpost... 1.3 Walking... 2 Total ~27M Days since 1.7 patch: 43 Food…
  • I upgraded everything but still need 6M food to fill my supply depot and it should be full in a week or so. I don't let gas tank overfill during awake hours and most of my food came from food exploration missions. I did Challenges (100-200stars) but since 1.8 patch I traded Challenges for Outposts because they are more…
  • Pfffff, bundles have no max supplies refill, pfffffffff. Same price, less things and it wasn't in changelog..
  • They slightly raised weapon/armor upgrade prices. lvl17 lengendary ~524k , now 525k lvl18 legendary ~699?k, now 700k lvl19 legendary 909k, now 910k Max supplies and experience label removed. No matchs found in Outposts, too
  • He is doing a fine job.
  • Same, WTF!! I should have 4764 - 162raided once = 4602 TGs. But I lost 486 extra TG in 3 extra phantom raids and I lose 162 every time I reconnect... +1500TG lost in the drain /cry I will spend remaining TGs in gold crates but puf... BTW, my influence was 1582 this night and after that phantom raids I was at 1886 :(…
  • Yep :/ I got first legendary in the third pull and then I saw 630!!! radios banish before the second legendary appeared... I hope next generation radio tower in 1.8 patch isn't as cruel as this version. :'(
  • I read it in an old post but it is nice it became legendary again, it didn't make sense to be epic. http://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/163/scarred-veteran-bundle
  • Interrupt, biggest damage in the game (+3000dmg crits), no "attract new walkers" in each attack and decent dodge, put her in my main team in many maps at higher levels, sometimes paired with a second scout but I have nothing against a possible buff.
  • Thx for the info! I will wait until they fix rollback bugs and weapon traits! It looks like in Scarred Veteran Bundle, they changed 3 slots for 1 slot and the weapon is epic instead legendary :/
  • Player Level: 46 Council Level: 16 Radio Tent Level: 8 Training Grounds Level: 16 Radios used: 690 (46 x15) Epic drop satisfaction: :) Legendary drop satisfaction: :s :( :'( Legendaries: 2 - 4.3% Epics: 24 - 52.1% -> lvl18 or lvl 19 = 17 - 70% | Lvl 17: 7 - 30% Rares: 20 - 43.4% -> lvl18 = 6 - 30% | lvl17 or 16 = 14 - 70%…
  • This bundle isn't worth to me but I would buy it if it had this extra things: - Full Supplies - Full Experience - Gas Refill - 7500 Trade Goods
  • Maybe you did some exploration/outpost mission so you lost that star in that match.
  • This change killed Outposts to me, I have no problem raiding players as mine are lvl17 but 10TG every time I do a search is too much. 3 TG per search and 10TG to join a match would be max aceptable to me. 2 gas per raid isn't good, too, but I could live with it. I loved the beta with no gas cost, sniff sniff. I guess they…
  • Yep, just the dialog was incorrect. I got the correct number.
  • This was answered here: http://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/4884/fast-forward-save-state#latest +1 to the other suggestions!
  • It is a display bug, real price is 1.07 Million and when u reach that quantity you will be able to upgrade. In next storage level (9), it appears 2.4M instead 2.04M, too.
  • "Workshop can now improve weapons of +1 level to the previous." This means a Workshop lvl14 can upgrade weapons that start at lvl 15 or that start at lvl17?
  • Without Council upgrade we will focus on Outpost buildings so I think they will release another patch between March 8-22 that will increase Council lvl.
  • Yep, we can get 2x their daily output or more farming missions. But the problem is we lost 25% purchase power from last patch. Maybe we lost same % in every patch since we started the game but 25% of 100k isn't the same as 25% of 15M. You are right! At least get some exp when we retire survivors...
  • They trim last digit when we reach to millions, so they show 1.7M instead 1.79M :/ Storage fully upgraded isn't needed but it is nice to have if you buy a full refill or we get a holiday gift like last month. Yep, you have to upgrade 1 storage at 1.07M :( Farms / Hospitals / Tents aren't worth it untill you have everything…
  • Your math isn't right OP, it takes 4weeks at your production level not 3: Council15 ------> 1.35M Training15 -----> 1.79M Workshop13 --> 1.79M Total: ----------> 4.93M @ 165K/day ---> ~29 days You need to upgrade, too (I assume you have lvl9 farms here and their 8000/h output): Car8 ---------> 1.52M Hospital8 ---> 1.52M…