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  • null I usually just give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they're flooded with complaints. Teeceezy did offer me my lost bundle which I appreciate. I did decline it cause the rollback fixed when I cleared my cache and restarted the app.
    in Demand a Fix Comment by Mizzy March 2016
  • the thing is they won't disable in app purchases cause they know some people will keep spending, like myself (don't judge me it's an addiction that I'm working on). It's good everyone is stepping up and speaking their minds but our voice can't go unheard. I will continue to be patient but if I keep hearing stories from my…
    in Demand a Fix Comment by Mizzy March 2016
  • Animesh I agree, I think outpost should consume a different type of supplies if possible. And matchmaking should be based off the leaderboard ranks. for example youre rank 300 you can challenge the 10 people ahead of you and whoever you beat you take their spot.
    in Demand a Fix Comment by Mizzy March 2016
  • You won't get the same gun as everyone else. I was unlucky and got a level 11 weapon, silver interupt, gold long grid, gold crit. Why did I get level 11 pistol? idk but my lowest survivor is level 14 and my only shooter is level 16. If you wanna roll the dice go for it but I wouldn't recommend it. I would value the bundle…
  • You're right Animesh, coding is not easy as I stated in another thread where players said not to spend money on the game. Our money pays the workers, but as you said, there is certain steps you take before launching a new version of a game. Everyone loves new exciting content but I rather have new stuff in 2 months with a…
    in Demand a Fix Comment by Mizzy March 2016
  • Lol, no hard feelings NG!
  • The OP probably lost the raid and got angry so they tried getting the player banned. If your child saw those names what's the problem? If he/she knows the meaning of them, then obviously he/she seen em before. If they're seeing it for the first time I'm sure "bad word" isn't the first thing they think it is.
  • The only thing I agree on is that NG has the worst support team I've ever seen. I don't really see how spending money is a waste, you're going to get what you pay for and if you dont, Apple/Google will refund your money. If the same thing happens a second time you probably won't be as lucky with a refund. You spend money…
  • null actually the new rewards are better. Old rewards: 2 golden tickets New rewards: 1000 crates, which can be used to buy 2 golden tickets, or saved for something else.
  • I feel like building is best. If possible, pay for the upgrade then speed it up, the Gold cost to finish it will be halved. If you're a f2p player, maybe focus on survivor slots first.