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  • One free radio call a day, does that mean I will get one less radio per day from wall walkers?
  • Not to be pedantic because I'm frustrated with the shield as are hundreds if not thousands just look at all the broken shield threads but I have to point out something 1) You want reimbursement but if your outpôst is maxed out you can make 560 Trad…
  • Just because you have a line of sight on the survivor doesn't mean he is out of cover. You have to flank them which means you move to a position that gives you an advantage over your opponent. What the game considers advantageous may be questionable…
  • @TheLostOnes Just pointed out something I was about to, if your goal by striking and writing the post is to get some people to follow suit one of the last things you should have done was post anything by proxy for coral. He has rubbed so many people…
  • No the raiders win on offense if they complete at least one objective and one raider lives. If they don't complete any objectives or all three are killed no matter what objectives are completed then defense wins.
  • Wow Cindy I'm surprised that you agreed about the use of the term. I thought caoral or whoever had literally brainwashed you. Quit, play, whatever but I don't think quitting or going on strike will help anything. If you haven't noticed things move p…
  • Whoever wrote this doesn't understand what the saying "old boy's club" means. I don't think any of the top 50 players on the leaderboard got there because of who they know and having favors done for them based on having connections at NG. …
  • (Quote) Why? I for one don't want or need to see someone using their radios and I can't be the only one for feels like that. If it's for results well they can post their results and I think it's @blynknz complies the data. If the survivor is a good …
  • @painclasher Dude your very confusing. This month is May. Ugh I'll just wait to hear from the Devs when they post.
  • If they cap at 18 some people won't need them.
  • @painclasher you're saying there is another update coming this month. I'm sorry I see your new green thing but what is the source of this info?
  • I think I saw them say radio tent changes would be in the next update and next update will not be before June. Some post by Teeceezy last week said next update has lots of changes and somewhere else it said no more updates till at least June.
  • Ehh I wasn't really impressed. I watched the last video. Even though it seems like you're trying to summarize some of the problems based on what you've read on the forums and your own experiences but it was rather incomplete and didn't offer any rea…
  • (Quote) Tents don't produce XP but you can capture walkers while the pit is upgrading. I don't think you can train a walker while the pit is upgrading. You definitely get to use the walkers even when you're upgrading them. The outpost in the camp d…
  • If you notice when you click on your farm for info it shows the event production level and the farm capacity is unchanged. Plus there's a few other threads answering this and there's trial and error too.
  • I think that's the point the Devs are going for they want to cap the game content at council level 17 training grounds at 17 workshop at 15 and current high survivor level of 18 (not max level cap of 18). They have also said changes to the radio tow…
  • After further thought I'm really not surprised that people couldn't find the reward and hit the panick button instead of taking a deep breath and realizing that the reward is there.
  • It's the first bundle in the shop called the 60 million bundle. I now have to wonder how many people will be getting this even though they didn't really do anything to deserve getting it.
  • Lol @Ass great name