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  • Mortal Kombat will be in my head now for a week, 'test your might' MORTAL KOMBAT!
  • 30 gas is great! Reducing my cost of playing could increase my funds for packages, which is probably what will happen on those few gas boosters I may opt not to buy now. So that's mutually beneficial, in my opinion, to NG and to me, more stuff, less 24 hour gas. On another note, for the players whom only want to play…
  • I'm a fan of the suggestion of players picking their starting RSL every challenge, and then are required to master that set, and if they do, they get awarded in stars only, the amount of stars from RSL 1 to the chosen RSL of completion. If they cannot, there should be a reset button to try a lower starting RSL. Reflecting…
  • I will be sure to offer my feedback after assessing these changes as they come. Thank you for the heads up @Kaz will there be other threads for thoughts and opinions in regards to these changes?
  • I'm a great fan of the master stage idea as well! Try this idea out. Offer players at least fresh new look at the same old maps, and I know I for one would be refreshed by it.
  • > @CBgaming1969 said: > @Kaz if NG is going to experiment with a New UC...can they also experiment with an all class booster??? All classes charged!!! Upon first reading this, I disagreed but upon thinking about it, it's a creative way to add levels of competition. Maybe it can be used as a different type of challenge,…
  • @Troublemaker I don't know who wrote that either but I love it!
  • I would like to have some sort of reimbursement of the round passes I won't be able to utilize this week, and won't be able to accumulate for next week - a week where it is likely to go back to normal. If it would stay this way for a period, I might be able to come to a conclusion whether I even like this format or not. As…
  • I am of the opinion that it is time for complete challenge reform Perhaps, together, NG and the players of the game can plan an entirely different system that is designed to keep the largest portion of players satisfied with this game.
  • Totally agree, and If my bruiser, scout, shooter, hunter, and so on, all badged up, reaches level 25 with all upgraded equipment, how far will I have to go before the challenge becomes challenging? Personally, and I understand this varies, but 30 rounds to me equates to roughly 15 hours of gameplay per week, and that's a…
  • I just hope that the results don't wind up being less for everyone than what current state provides. I'll take 1 chance a month for 50/50% chance at leg badge or epic badge before I take 1 chance every two months to craft one legendary. The course of one year, I could have 6 guaranteed legendary, or 6 legendary, 6 epic…
  • So I am hearing this: Fewer drops, 100% 5* badge results from all 5* stuff. Just less likely to find it. Then I think, well, I'll have fewer 4* results, so I'll wind up with maybe the same amount of 5* badges / month, but less 4* badges per month. @Kaz is that what your intention is for this change? If so, I would like to…
  • Does anyone remember 300 Thursday, and 500 Friday? These, upper echelon end gamers are only 2,000 stars away from their limit by 500 Friday. How many round passes does it take to get to the center of that tootsie pop?
  • That would certainly shake it up, it would go a long ways in revitalizing scavenge missions part of the game!
  • @BiggyGuyinTWD an automatic 30% of non-body shot attack would make all melee survivors more feasible, and most especially, warriors, which have, in my opinion, become mostly obsolete in 95% of maps and challenges.
  • Love three rounds per pass, with no limit to round passes! It's a step in the right direction!