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  • Oh so stars were even removed from the single player leaderboard as well? This sounds like a bug Like usual please send in a ticket to support letting them know all of these details. I will do all I can to help out with finding the cause of this issue but I am very limited as I am only a moderator. I will do my best to…
  • Hi @ish From what I'm aware of, the first 20 members guild stars count towards the overall guild score and shouldn't disappear from the guild score if kicked or if they leave. Could you please tell me the name of your guild and also the name of the player that was kicked from the guild.
  • Hi @Steiler If you want to close the guild you must first make sure you don't have any other members in your guild like @1303niko said. If you do have members and want to leave guild you can either kick them all and then leave, or you can promote one of them to leader and then leave. To leave guild, click on the world…
  • Moving thread to game issues
    in not in guild? Comment by Nate March 2016
  • Haha, I love that song and Thank you @Cherokee_Rose :smile: Yeah it's a lovely country, Theres plenty of nice places to visit with beautiful scenery :smile: You definitely should visit Aus at least once. Lol and despite the name that it gets for having some of the worlds dangerous animals. You are unlikely to see any…
  • Maybe one these could help - • Turn your device off then on Then open the App Store and try again • Update the date and time 1. open settings 2. touch date and time 3. Uncheck automatic date and time 4. Change the date and time so that they're wrong. 5. Tap home screen button 6. Go back to date and time and manually change…
  • The Land Downunder...Australia
  • 1+ here for having a name filter. No matter what it's rated, I personally would like to see a name filter. And I'm sure there are still plenty of other funny non offensive names out there that could be used to name survivors and I'm sure if anyone can find a funny non offensive name, @tammy, you'd be one of those :lol:…
  • @BenZed , In regards to half of your question, No, you do not need to worry about any security issues with anyone using your credentials. There are other players that have seen this as well, including myself. I have checked my account and everything is normal. So no need to worry
  • If you flee while on a normal mission, it will give you the option to choose a survivor to leave behind, however it doesn't kill it. You dont lose the survivor, but it does heavily wound it though. A Little reminder as well, make sure you never forget what sort of mission you are doing whether it be a normal or deadly.…
  • What map/s were these happening on guys? And about what time did it start to happen as well? If you can vaguely remember
  • Yeah you'll eventually get something mate :)
  • Lol, the pretty never survive
  • It's all based on chance/luck @kapaootweets . I got a 16 legendary wrench on my first try
  • Well done @BarcodeJ
  • Next guess.. Goodluck @Cherokee_Rose , @masmith93 , @ggbats , @jester and @jentoria or anyone else :)
  • Is There's going to be a 28 months later? Or were you just joking @Sappy187 ? I've been hoping for another of of those to come out for a while
  • Nice and helpful tips @cionz :)