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  • Out of all the update stuff, this weapon was the thing I was most looking forward to. Having seen these traits, I think I'll stick with the Festive Shotgun.
  • I don't know why they don't let us exchange 10 (for example) of one component for the next star-rating let me exchange 10 1* for one 2*. Oh and instead of selling the badges back for XP, let us break them down for a badge fragment of the same tier perhaps?
  • I don't mind dipping in for the packs that include weapons or armour, particularly as they often have the most desirable traits (for me).
  • Seems to be back in maintenance to fix the issue many of us were having - the "account being loaded on another device" issue.
  • @Mark
  • Well, it's not under maintenance any more, but am I alone in seeing an "account loaded to another device" message, I wonder (I don't have another device to access my account from!).
  • Actually, in my experience, they're really good at communicating with us usually. Something fairly serious must have happened for the maintenance to be this long, and not to have had an update. I'd rather they were fixing whatever the issue is than chit-chatting to us on here though (but a brief estimated time to fix would…
  • I've pulled 4 Python revolvers on the trot from Legendary crates, and no idea why since my shooter isn't my highest level toon. But frustrating but there you go - I don't however think on that basis, the goods received can be random?
  • It's no picnic - great to see something new and fresh as well. My advice - bring assaults to the party!
  • I'm also seeing "Connection Lost" when I search for an opponent in the outpost. It seems almost like it's timing out somewhere, then throwing me completely out. In the meantime though, the one-minute gas event is helping me get some much-needed XP to level my defence team up ;-)
  • To be fair, I think the response to our gripes (totally legitimate gripes at that) has been good. I'd rather have an extra couple of hours maintenance and enjoy the game, than a rushed period of downtime and a pile more bugs and issues.