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  • I only use 15 radio calls. Rest are just a waste.
  • > @Dodkong said: > I would assume the server load would be the main issue with this. I assumed that's why you have the gas restriction to begin with, so you can't play continuously. > > But what happens when there's the Jackpot event or increased phone event or double kill xp event or 5 sec gear upgrade event and everyone…
  • My suggestion is to add a new scavenge mission. The end result is a higher chance for hero tokens. Here is the catch. It only offers tokens of heros taken on the missions. I guess my main goal is to give us some way to focus on just 1-2-3 heros at a time instead of all of them. I find heros utterly useless. I wouldn't mind…
  • I would assume the server load would be the main issue with this. I assumed that's why you have the gas restriction to begin with, so you can't play continuously.
  • Thanks for getting him in
  • I would say once a walker is alerted he would not be taunted. I do agree with your reasoning and additions to the suggestion. Mainly I just hate it when you end your turn and no walkers move toward you, but if you move up 1 click to alert the closest one you get them 3 deep coming at you. Maybe add a different action…
    in Taunt Comment by Nomad4195 December 2016
  • My issue is the time comparison to how quickly you can upgrade non heros and heros. The Tolkien system is already strained but I can still take 4 or 5 non heros up multiple levels faster then 1 hero trait upgrade. Maybe a suggestion would be to give Tolkens based on the hero used in the missions and the class of non heros…
  • We have a Morgan bundle but no Morgan hero? I agree there are too many heros tho. I still don't have over half of them and I been playing a long time, but I am a non cash player. I still don't have Maggie, Abraham, Rick, Jesus, Rosita, and of course the unobtainable Machone lol
  • Brothers name is Azygous. Been like 2 weeks already if anyone can help him out.
  • If your swapping exact toons, same level, same stars, etc,,,,,then all your swapping is traits. I can't say I see the point nor how it makes anyone stronger. I'm not against the idea tho. Would give those hyperactive player something to do. Become a toon farm.
  • I agree with puppy. Using good melee toons never increases the threat count. I myself use ranged mostly but I use melee for gathering food with Galen as the leader and when a quest calls for them. Melee toons seem to charge quicker as well. I often find they are better at 1 hit 1 kill on the armored and heavy walkers.…
  • > @nickc25 said: > Do the Tara mission, takes 20 seconds and I got about 47 radios the other day! How? I'm confused?
  • Just cuz I'm new to forums and all,,,,,,, what good are stars anyway? Why do people even want them? TBH I see practically no use in them. If I use the time and gas wasted on collecting stars to do scavenge missions I gain infinitely more resources. This is from the perspective of a non cash player who has never spent gold…
  • I miss these. I miss how the game use to be before it sissied up.
  • Just wondering if there was a change. Use to be after picking your 3 out of 9 rewards you could watch a ad and get 3 more rewards. Now it's only 25 gold for 3 more rewards.
  • Ok I did not know this. Why are their 2 life bars? Are both visible or is 1 visible till its gone and then the other shows up? Why do games now never have guides and such lol
  • That is awesome.
  • Ok it has done it again today. Moved in on a lower leveled team and took to beating the crap out of them with my bruisers. Singled out their shooter first. Had him down to 59 hp. Landed a critical attack for 318 PFS of damage and watched his life bar fill up and go from red to green. Quick look showed him at 352 out of 432…
  • Noob here,,,,,, but since there is no guide,,,,,please explain influence. It seems useless to me. I "tank" often as I can to keep match ups I can win. I can not find a reason to try to move up, but it is getting hard to keep it down as 20 hrs of hospital time is just crazy.
  • I started out getting 25 gold several times, now it's 5 gold 8/10. I get a silver most of the rest of the time with 2 gold crates, but that is all,,,25 gold, 5 gold, silver crate, gold crate,,,, never anything else.