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  • (Quote) Oh Eetu. That makes me smile. :)
  • The luck/dodge changes are not in 2.1. However, a bug has been fixed in the the way bullet dodge behaved. If you have that in high amounts, the fix might lead to what you're describing.
  • There is a plan to make it possible for you to spend your excess tomatoes that is coming around very soon. Stay tuned.
  • A couple of points: @Shteevie wasn't hired for his proficiency with words. It's a surprising bonus! His actual specialty does have a very direct effect on the game you're playing. Deadlies: the amount of player support tickets we got due to party w…
  • We'll see if we can dig up further notes on how the target selection and move order works. Again, we haven't changed anything, but it seems the system is behaving differently from what you guys expect to happen.
  • The AI can't be changed without a client update. We haven't touched anything to do with it, and if we did, we wouldn't introduce buggy behavior on purpose. If you believe there's been a change in the behavior, I'd love to get details. It's certainl…
  • For those wondering, you're crossing the line when you start discussing how to get the game to work on unsupported services or devices. That is grouped with "hacking", and will be deleted. The reason is that since these are the official fo…
  • (Quote) We decided to queue an additional one for you, on top of your latest call, actually. The free calls are going to start with free single radio calls. There will be events with higher value calls available.
  • The goal is to have radios always available in the shop. That won't be exactly the current form, though.
  • (Quote) I was just replying to the claim that the outfits were not faithful to the show. They are indeed very accurate. Whether that's something you care about or not is of course up to you.
  • As in "PvP being the focus for the next round of improvements", yes, as we're seeing it needs some attention. As in "PvP being valued over PvE", no, not really. PvE content is more popular by far. We're not going to mess that up.…
  • Hijacking the new guy's thunder here a bit: Auto center: It's not as simple as you might believe. We've just had bigger issues to fix; we do agree it's a problem that sould be solved. I'm not sure what "phone drop nerf" you're referring …
  • I fail to see how you could justify what the game is doing as cheating. We're not switching out rewards that have been rolled for you, or holding any back for ad or gold spend. Quite the contrary, the reason it works this way is because we want it t…
  • Not sure about what you mean by choice or fixed? If you mean whether it matters which specific crates you tap: as established before, no, it doesn't. However, as I believe in magic myself, I still believe it does matter and go for certain magical co…
  • (Quote) Yeah. That's not the case, though.
  • Gold use or gain or amount "in the bank" has no effect on the quality of reward crates you get. (If it did, we wouldn't comment on this.) The reason why the best rewards might look like to correlate with spending is that players who choos…
  • There's a fix coming for this, being finalized as I type this. We can't prevent the disconnects - those aren't up to us, generally - but the game will be much more tolerant of your circumstances.
  • Wraith has it right, above. Also, some of the gear has random traits, some have predetermined.(Quote) I don't understand what you mean by having trouble distinguishing between non-paid and paid for gold. Regardless, gold use has zero relation to how…
  • Heroes don't have anything to do with the Luck situation. Hold for an update on that.
  • Challenges are going to change, and yes, with one of the goals being not having to replay the low levels every time. I'm in an active guild, I know what it's like. Can't say when.
  • We respect the way you feel. It does pain us to have to do this, but it's for the good of the game. Please bear me out for a second. This has nothing to do with greed - our accounting would love us if we just sold you gear after gear with gold Luc…
  • New Trade Goods shop experience (daily refreshes and new offers) is being prepared for 2.1. Look for the release notes for details in the near future.
  • We're quite aware the gear system could use an overhaul. It's trickier than you believe. It's on the table, can't give a schedule yet.
  • There's going to be changes to the Luck (and Dodge) stacking in the near future. Look for the details in the release notes for an upcoming update.
  • Yeah. There's going to be changes & clarifications to how Dodge & Luck stack. As you point out, there's inconsistency in the systems now. We had to figure out how to fix them all in one go first, before saying anything. We have a plan now, …
  • Lowest level, lowest rarity first. Unequipped only.
  • (Quote) Overwatch normally does 50% damage. The trait increases that %; the character is more effective in Overwatch.