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  • must confess that I totally missed the T-Dog LT rework in the update notes, so didn’t vote for him. I definitely would have voted for him - in fact I went in to the poll again and tried to change my votes but it was already closed. @Fluxxx - add T-Dog for good measure!! Please 🙏🏻
  • I consider myself a low-level end gamer, usually 1800+ stars on challenge, and I don’t push too hard as I don’t have much free time. I used to play all ranged, like you. But then reading the info on the forum, especially @JayZ’s awesome guide, watching vids on YouTube, I learned how to play melee. It took my game to a…
  • Sasha plus two bruisers for me. Just got to be careful to protect Sasha. Build a walker wall right in front of you, stops the fatty getting through. I use the harpoon gun for sasha to take pot shots at the fatty with charge attacks. He normally dies before the armoured. Then just keep stunning and recharging 
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  • You keep saying that you reset the distance twice. But you need to reset it three times. I have beta without spending money. It is possible, you’ve just messed up.
  • Here’s my two betas, like him a lot. Thanks for keeping the new stuff coming, NG 👍🏻
  • @1p5w1ch - yes, you can reset normal distance and would get all the same rewards again, including the spring tokens. To get to 3000 and get Beta, you will need to reset the distance (and get all tokens) three times out of the four weeks the event is on. Good luck!! 👍🏻
  • My first time completing Hard Distance today, thanks to all on here for the tips, strategy and guidance. You guys kick ass 👍🏻
  • I do have the tent and I’m only on 600/2700, well I will be when I’ve done my last upgrade. I thought in a previous upgrade they tried to address it but it didn’t work properly. I think the players with it actually ended up lower but NG factor it into upgrade planning so the previous situation of some players being on a…
  • I think we’ve had this before, after previous updates. I’m pretty sure it’s the memorial tent that causes the 50 BP difference. NG factor that into planning updates, so that 50 will never make a material difference
  • How about this: This week’s Star Hero is Dwight His traits are barely alright In the show, he is ace After an iron to the face But in our game he’s a pile of shite
  • I also got my first 2k, finishing on 2190. Also got my first 1k with my baby account (previous best was 632 there). I enjoyed the fact that you could play it both ways on some levels, either try and be stealthy or blow stuff up. Thanks for the kick-ass videos on here, learned a few new tricks.......
  • Yes, only once, and it was when he got killed by a barrel. I got into a struggle with a burning fatty (on the kill the boss walker one - one down?) but had positioned myself where I knew a nearby barrel would finish him off but not hit me. Was fun to then run to the exit while his burning ghost still stood there,…
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 awesome
  • The “Alt-hero only” call would be really nice next. Or is that pushing it too far, @Fluxxx ? 😉
  • Quick question - due to a communication problem, we didn’t get 5 members signed up for the first battle so we are missing out. The question is - those players that are registered, does this count as one of their two days that they can play on? We can’t withdraw now, we are still showing as signed up.
  • Cheers @scottc - I was looking for a pattern that covered all 7 badges. My error. Thanks for sorting me out
  • Need some help please - I’ve crafted some badges on my baby account and can’t see which cycle I’m on. They don’t seem to follow either of the cycles. My results are attached. What am I missing? And what should I do, try and change recipe maybe? I’m currently using standard MeEdChCl. Thanks for any advice you can give
  • I haven’t spent any money on the game at all. And I have a winter bow, spear, pumpkin carver and golden assault rifle. Soon to add a festive Lucille. It is possible to get the best weapons, the campaigns give them out. Save gold for these campaigns. I also save gas so I can make a quick start on the challenge and give time…
  • Did you read the info in the link embedded in @JayZ ’s last post? He has spent a huge amount of time putting that together to try and help other players. Give the guy some credit instead of trying to pick holes in what he’s said. Yes, sometimes the rerolls don’t get you the traits you want. And yes, sometimes the levels…
  • I think what you should take from the video is the technique. Same goes for all videos you see online. If your survivors, weapons, badges etc are not as strong as @JayZ ’s, you may not be able to get quite that deep into the challenge. I’m in the same boat, I can’t get to 40+. But I’ve learned loads from watching how…
  • This one’s a keeper 😮
  • It’s ok - it will still be there after your booster has expired. Your gas total increases whenever you pick up gas on a booster 👍🏻
  • @Danski_46 - loving your L27 Beardy Rick 😉
  • Quick question: do we know yet whether upgrading a few toons to 27 will trigger an increase in the starting level on the challenge?
  • Feeling lucky so just tried Dom again. He now has Revenge 👍🏻 And not Iron Skin required for Maggie..... Was getting confused with my baby account, where I’m waiting for IS on my bruiser 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • > @Johnbert said: > (Quote) > Time to use those reroll tokens! Dom, Viktor and Maggie can be beasts with one reroll each. :sunglasses: I have tried!! Want Revenge for Dom, Iron Skin for Maggie. Can’t get any luck. Don’t use Viktor much any more. Hoping ranged will become great again one day...... Love my Sure Shot for Dom,…
  • > @Danski_46 said: > @Fluxxx, what have you done to Rick? It looks like someone at NG has defaced him! > (Image) Wow, mine doesn’t look like that....?!?
  • I just had this which is pretty nice....