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  • Made 13 calls with 15 radios; not legendary, but several epic warriors and a hunter; all that can be upgraded past 15; so I'm pretty happy. Retired several of my people capped at 15, kept a few others (traits make a big difference).
  • I'll throw in my two cents and say this type of event needs to come with increased rate of earning XP or an XP discount on upgrades.
  • This is real? I thought the game was glitching. Yay!!!
  • You can do this with level 14 survivors if they have good equipment. I used two hunters and a warrior. One hunter had 100% interrupt and a wide band; the other had a wide band and increase critical chance and damage; plus dodge and luck. The warrior had the largest swath and good dodge. All were in the hospital at the end,…
  • @WastelandDan: Not sure if your response was for me, but I was using level 14 survivors. I don't have any level 15 yet. I didn't run into any level 16+ zombies. As soon as detonated the bomb, I ran for it.
  • I finally got past this with 3 level 14--2 hunters and a shooter. All with good gear and traits. One hunter had a weapon with 100% interrupt and the other had a large path for shooting multiple zombies at one time plus upgraded critical chance and damage. How I did it: 1) Keep hunters back while shooter sets charge (try to…
  • In the video, he got lucky at the very end. Had that big zombie hit him, he'd have been stunned and most likely not have completed the level.
  • Thanks for help. It seems the last move was luck that he didn't get hit and stunned when running between the two tanks.
  • I got two legendaries this round: a level 8 of 18 scout (meh!) and a level 8 of 18 Hunter (Yipee!). The rest were epic/rares that I mostly discarded; except the epic warrior. These were all with 15 radio pulls; and I spent all 175 radios I had. I tossed all the bruisers. By the way, these are my first two legendaries: I…
  • @The_Vengeful_1 I've had that happen too; not on a deadly mission luckily.
  • Watch out for this as well...on some missions, the longer you take, the higher the zombies levels become. I think the developers got this right. I would never try a deadly mission with a recommendation 3 levels higher than my team members, but that's just me.
  • Thanks for asking! 1) I'd like to see the XP awarded as you progress to the higher levels be less linear and more exponential. It takes a lot of XP to level up weapons and survivors! 2) If I receive supplies, gas or XP and that item is full, I'd rather get something else. 3) Retain more XP when scrapping upgraded…
  • I find the warrior class to be very useful. With max arc, I can take out 3-4 zombies in one hit; and with charged ability, 2 hit the big guys (as long as they aren't too high a level) or take out 2 groups of 3-4.
  • I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that noticed this. I think the developers need to investigate this to make sure they didn't leave out some logic. That said, why nerf the bruisers. Now they are even more useless.
  • Hi: I haven't had any issues with the update (though I never use bruisers as I find them useless on the higher level missions); however, the game still crashes a lot, especially after viewing a video...and I don't get my second picks when the game reloads.
  • This guild is awesome. I recommend all who want in to get in before it's full!
  • I like being in an active guild. It appears all our members will get some stars!! It looks like we could even get the 3rd guild reward if our new members can drop some stars.
  • Alternatively, they could track individual and guild stars separately (well, more so than they do now). That way, when you move between guilds, your individual stars only count for your challenges; the guild counter only goes up when you earn stars in the guild. When you leave a guild, that guild's star counter should not…
  • One 12, one 12 in training, the rest 11.
  • I've seen this issue too. Where are the servers located? This game takes a long time to load up; and at times it crashes or the performance becomes horrible.
  • Our leader has been gone for 3 weeks. We are most likely going to form a new guild around an active player.
  • The problem I see with the bruisers is the stun ability only comes with a charge, meaning you have to kill 2 zombies. How do you do this with high level zombies? The class I think is the most useless is the scout. Can only engage one zombie at a time; and must be next to it. I just tried a mission with level 11 scout and 2…