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  • Burnt a ton of gold with 1min gas healing. I need a herd of gansta rappers
  • If you can't find your friends happy to let you in my guild even if just till you find them. Send me a PM if you want to know more
  • I know you have solved the problem, for future reference if you type something strange or a code in the field where you describe your guild, the search will find that. This is helpful for guilds with common names.
  • @transmuteJun "Social rewards", never thought of it that way. Outpost generates TG without raiding and you can do challenge without being in guild. So it's strictly not just a social reward although it probably motivates players to join guild. That said TG missions would be better as you have more options then just getting…
  • Trade good missions would be better as long as phones remain for sale.
  • Maxed 923 Phones for cans. Even if exchange was 1 million a phone it would stop this issue.
  • We're all in same boat, hero tokens are available with 1,5&15 calls, imo 15 is best. Look at the threads you will see phone economics are f'd up.
  • Far as I understand you can't change guild name, everyone has to quit and join new guild. See you in guild chat as were way off topic.
  • Searched "Howdy" found you straight up, thanks again.
  • @pig left my guild tried to find Fear the living but it's only throwing up a small list with guilds 4 members or less, will keep trying. Thanks
  • @pig Yes the raids are hard and I have not got through without hospital time, so don't think I will go to high this cycle might go back to stars but need new guild as all my guild members are MIA. Are you in a guild and is there room for me?
  • @pig your looping I can see, hope your enjoying all the TG. If it loops again you will be down to 3k. I received a response from my in game ticket just befor 1.9 saying they were looking into it.
  • One other thing do you get dropout and can't connect between 6pm and 10pm or is it just me and my shitty rural Internet? Where's my NBN in this age of innovation.
  • Hi there, the last three cycles you would have been competing with me for the top spot, in fact I believe I was ahead of you at end of the cycle before this one ended. Then I just disappeard off the leader board, this was because I got court in a reset loop. Did you get more then one reward? Be carful I went to raid after…
  • @zbot I don't care to much to be compensated at this stage just want the cycle reset to stop so I can get back into the game. 2000 TG every time I log in or the game drops out is probably enough comp, up around 80k TG. There must be a simple fix to stop this reward loop. Thanks
  • Still have the problem and no response here or in-game poor form NG
  • If I was legendary survivor and you made me hang out in the ugly blue tent I'd F off to. For survivor like that I would buy a slot.
  • Ok now I have just experienced the lost of gold on spend bug, which I think is different to the reward reset repeat bug I have been experiencing. Loss of 400 gold is disheartening and even more upsetting because I paid for that in phone Bundle where the extra phones advertised were not forthcoming. Still no reply in-game,…
  • Thanks for response @zbot have sent in-game yesterday and last cycle but not with that tag, do I need to resend??? No response as yet except the auto response. I fort my way back last time but not happy to have to do it again, need to know if there going to roll me back to fix problem because there's no point in running…
  • 23k in TG on reset. Are they going to restore my game by taking it back to an earlier save, to fix it? If so the game is unplayable for me.
  • Now just raided and reset to 2000,
  • Help Ok it's happening again. Thought this madness had finished. Last night l worked my way to just over 4100 and top of Australian leader board. A good safety margin to tided me over to the cycle ended. I was raided multiple time but was only raided down to 4063 one below my opponent, so I received second and my 4000 TG.…