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  • Few images might spice wiki up Also got survivor default images. If interestrd. I'm not familiar with editing wiki
    in Wiki Comment by Pnub December 2015
  • Be able to switch skill on items of same class at cost of sacrifice item with purchased skill to replace skill on different item. No double skill on item of course.
  • @BFChrisChris Change the end of ur link from htm to png Use HTML generate img or use code <img src="URL" alt="" />&#13;
    in My Squad Comment by Pnub December 2015
  • Thx for tips. Just trying re-learn forum code with mobile browser. Did discover imjur app for uploading screenshots. I tried Google drive. Since already sync to phone. But getting a image to embed from there a lot harder.
  • True. Found out imgur. Has a simple app for uploading and getting share link. Just been slow long since I used a forum. So any tips be helpful.
  • Friendly embed B)
  • I'm trying to do it on low lvl challenges, but what's point if gunna lose star for taking too much dmg or two stars for struggles. If this daily quest is completed. Should give 3 or more golden tickets!
  • @Mizifuu I too am working on strategy to achieve this goal. Trying 3 bruisers with concussion and overwatching to get to exit. I'll update if achieve victory.
  • Zoson explained it perfect. Just wanted to add if using mobile browser might need to set View as desktop to get html generators to work. Or input code yourself with url between " ". Html Can be buggy on my mobile.
  • @jureforjustice I agree they can be opt for getting thru missions without taking dmg. A few tweaks can help balance game.Range -realistic gun mechanics like ammo. Instead of consumable bullets, make guns have round limits. Requiring use of 1 AP to reload gun. Allowing ability to still move before reloading, or reload and…
  • my opinion how deadly missions work. *can't sacrifice survivors in struggle or all ready dead. *if survivor dies from struggle or reaches 0 hp after 1st save. You Have 2 turn to save equipment before finishing mission. * fleeing saves all equipment of dead and sacrificed survivors. * can't finish mission while survivor in…
  • I've experienced my first death of survivors. Was in a high difficult deadly challenge. Got into a struggle with epic hunter. I started to panic. I was able to save her making her heavy injured. But in process I was swarmed and other hunter began to struggle. Saved him using both other survivors turns. Giving him last turn…
  • < img src="url" alt="" /> Take first space out only. And don't forget .png at end of url
  • Grrr failed img again
  • Don't put space after < Only between img src
  • SUCCESS the code is right but image address MUST have ".png" at end. Or will show up as blank img blockCODE < img src="url.png">
  • < i class="Italic">Italic< /i> < h1>heading 1 < /h1> < h2>heading 2 < /h2> < blockquote class="Quote">< /blockquote> < div class="Spoiler">< /div> < code class="CodeInline">< /code> Still can't get img icon to post a image.
  • < b class="Bold">Bold word< /b > Only space is b class. Had to space after < so you see it.