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  • @Shteevie Well I still think this discussion had been much shorter if there was clear answer on page one... You are not obligated to explain everything that is correct. My motivation for asking the question? Well it might have been a bug, that is not unprecedented and it absolutely should have been in the patch notes... I…
  • @Shteevie Ok I understand, but you should have written it plainly like: "Ok with things like the new Challenges and the Season X Missions players progress their Characters to fast, so we chose to bring it in line with other things like building upgrades and raised the cost, sorry but it was necessary." Everyone would at…
  • What? Sorry I am no native english speaker but that does not make the least bit of sense either grammatically or otherwise... So you claim the old upgrade cost where some kind of test data that should not have been in the game, this caused lower costs which in turn where to high for new players... so you reacted by raising…
  • Thank you @Dodkong , they are looking into into it now lets see what happens.
  • @wrinkled_bag Sorry no clue what you are talking about but JayZ mmisunderstood my post but this has been resolved. @Dodkong Seems you did not read much here either: The cost went up from before patch to after patch by a sizable amount. This has nothing to do with small cost differences caused by character…
  • Please do read my post... if I upgraded "lvl 12 5 Stars" last week for 136k and now "lvl 12 4 stars" cost me 188k then the raised the cost by around 40%... i also upgraded 4 stars last week for 126k or 132k...
  • Yes I upgraded most of them last week, it always was 126k/132k/136 or even less for the 1/2 Star Heroes... now my leftover 4-Stars cost 188k the 5 Stars and Heroes are all upgraded so I can only see one price... but I am sure