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  • I think it should be a billboard that once you hit the button our survivors carry drops a billboard on the walkers. It's a massive herd killer and free advertisement for NG. Win win for them and a bit of a loss for players that wanted a cool new weapon. Whatever it is would be nice if it wasn't level restricted like other…
  • Guessing if you watch the video again would show the AP beside the colours you see. It's the same for us now. The full white circle is full AP and the half white circle is 1 AP. The colours were used to show this same effect. Believe the AP used should be the same however. One colour showed half AP the other full and…
  • I went to buy a few radios and was like, whoa at that cost I would rather just not have that legendary. Far too much, same as the costs for the bundles. I want to buy some but way overpriced. Just losing out on my money.
  • I am alittle behind on this thread, however I have had the outpost up since day one and have been saving for the 7500 legendary stuff multiple times, at low level my survivors protecting it are only level 5 or so and I have only been hit once since started. Believe your loot is pretty safe still.
    in Time to BBQ Comment by Rahle March 2016
  • I would not imagine there should be a problem, more accounts more chance you will buy. Does this game work for 2 accounts on Apple products though? I know that on my iPad and phone I cannot have more then one account for other games. Apple has protection for it.
  • Thanks for posting this, I will take a screen shot and look for those survivors.
  • Wow, I did not know this. Every one of my survivors are now named Rahle
  • If I have to spend a lot of time watching the place I want to hit, I may want magazines and cigarettes. It could get boring staking out a base.
  • That's a great survivor. Very funny. Best I can do is a fellow that looks like Eugene from the show.
  • I would like to see different walkers period. Almost everything attacking me is the same thing. I only seen maybe 5 or 6 different types of walkers so far.
  • Would make for an interesting trait however.
  • Games like this are actually made for the long haul and long farming times. Personally so far this game has gone very fast for me. I have enjoyed it but I am weary that I will hit the endgame and have to stall out. I have played clash for years and got bored and moved to other games thus I am here. Just hope the game…
  • As mentioned for the lower levels the two challenges are great for us. We manage to get a ton of work in after the fun of the challenges subsides. If the real trouble for the higher levels is that the gas consumption makes it harder, shouldn't we just have a limit on what the gas costs at a certain point. Most of my gas…
  • Ok thanks, guess I shall.
  • I am pretty sure the survivor I got the other day is a handyman, he even brought his own hammer, that should count as a second builder, lol.
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  • There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It just happens to be a train though. I have been playing for about a week and half now, my only concern at this point is that I want to play but my gas consumption is so fast that I am forced to quit too often. I understand that without a certain measure I will hit endgame…
  • I am only level 17 with shooters as my highest survivor. Yes, these are rather difficult. It's all good to take hunters and line them up. I asked then to all be kind and line up perfectly, their reply was to swarm me and beat me down. Then when there was 27 of them they lined up to bite me some more. Worked out well.
  • Personally, I would like to either have a chance to take what I want from a run. Eli, few gas tanks, food or xp. However be given the chance at random and be given more of whatever I get or get weapons and gear. Right now I am running out of gas a lot from trying to help out the guild with stars, and do all my missions.…
  • Perfect thanks. Thought I might have done something wrong and messed up. Good to know that I didn't lol.
  • Perfect, thank you very much. Game been a lot of fun, wish I had played earlier.
  • Ok, my comment was not specific. I meant a new survivor slot. I bought the first extra survivor however would like to get more.