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  • I'm aware you can turn the music off, but I would prefer not to seeing as how it is only the superimposed music when killing walkers at the gates that bothers me. The rest of the in-game music is fine. Seems I'm not the only one it annoys, so hopefully the game devs will remove it in the near future.
    in Z Music... Comment by Rando April 2016
  • I hope you're right @Harurun, I need a little time to save my TGs, I spent all of them on gold crates.
    in Lucille Comment by Rando April 2016
  • I have noticed that both my survivors and random walkers are dealt damage when nothing has been done to them. The only thing I can tie it back to it is when I use that survivor for a "half-turn", other than that I have no idea how to reproduce the issue. Pretty weird when my survivor isn't anywhere near walkers and I see…
  • Make: Samsung Model: Galaxy Tab 3 Lite (SM-T110) Software version: 4.2.2 Screenshot: It's just a crappy little tablet, but it would be nice to play TWD on it... pwease? =)
  • Thanks NG! You guys put a smile on my face this morning. All the things I've been wanting, more XP, more missions with the gas and... FREE STUFF! =)
  • Well for now my survivors max out at level 11 but I started the council upgrade a few hours ago and now I'm working on gathering supplies for the training grounds, so hopefully by tomorrow I'll be working with level 12's. Armor and weapons aren't all fully upgraded (some pieces are), but they are all using/wearing 3-5 star…
  • I'm using an all firearms team, two epic hunters and a rare shooter. I've been doing pretty well with this setup. Even though the sound attracts more walkers, the hunters (especially with charged abilities and careful moves) are more than enough to make up for it. All three come away from 99% of our outings without a…