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  • @Quisling I was able to log in and play a few rounds a couple hours ago, it should be fixed now but I understand some people are still having issues. Meanwhile Next Games is basically burning piles of money.
  • On the bright side of things, getting all my toons trained up to 20 and kitting out their gear has been a much more streamlined process than I was expecting lol.
  • @Pandreq I'm pretty sure that's all they're giving us, and next week when something else goes kapooey they'll give us 7 days gas and xp booster!
  • They could've done much better on the compensation but whatever. When they lose 30% of their revenue because capped out players start leaving in droves, maybe then they'll make sure this crap stops happening.
  • Plus the booster is wasted for the first 3 days of challenge while we scramble just to get up to normal RSL because they again took our round passes. This type of stuff is quickly turning people off the whole game. NG better make their next move VER…
  • I'm able to play now but I can't believe Next Games honestly thought we would need or want 6 more days of full gas and xp when we just ended a 5 day boost....capped out players must be feeling REALLY shafted right now.
  • Okay so I got back in but @Vane really bro? All we get is a six day booster? The team at NG literally thinks this is compensation for the constant frustrations and problems your game has been having? Weird flex but okay I guess.
  • Finally got back in boiz!
  • I think we all deserve a legendary fragment and 4 legendary components, guaranteed to make a damage or damage reduction % badge. Anything short is gonna feel like putting a Hello Kitty band-aid on a gunshot wound from a 12-gauge solid slug.
  • Welp I can't necessarily say I'm GLAD that I'm not the only one with this problem but it just perplexes me how the game has been having countless problems since Guild Wars season 2 started....
  • @Vane thank you for the compensation! I understand issues come up, and I think you handled this extremely well. My girlfriend went on some conspiracy bullshit, and I was able to convince her that you guys ARE human, and that the coding for this game…
  • @SCBMA looks like Human Centipede: Walker Edition.
  • @SPC_TORRES that's a LOT of weiners my friend.
  • Welcome @Vane! If Kaz trusts you to replace him I'm sure you'll do just fine.
  • This forum and the community of NML as a whole will never be the same without you @Kaz thank you for everything you have done for us the players!!! We're all gonna miss you but I wish you good luck and safe travels for wherever you're headed in life.
  • That bruise is flawless no matter what, 5/5 perfect traits. Jelly over here. @Renopwns You are talking about Curtis, or maybe about bruiser that @ignas mentioned? I was talking about Curtis, his traits are SICK. perfect lineup actually
  • That bruise is flawless no matter what, 5/5 perfect traits. Jelly over here.
  • I love this thread, keep the ideas coming guys!
  • I like this idea, adding some fun and strategy when things are otherwise "stale". We need to keep this thread alive!
  • Don't forget that when you use her to heal your toons during a Distance mission, that healing DOES stick with you.
  • > @jrodrf2 said: > > @ATLAS-Z said: > > I'm curious what traits it will have. The idea of a bruiser weapon that doesn't stun on regular attacks is kinda... Meh... > > That might depend on the damage. If it's maybe a bit les…
  • FUCK. My phone broke last Friday and I don't think I'm gonna get it replaced in time to claim this, I even missed out on Guild Wars over the weekend. Thankfully my guild is awesome and I explained things to them, they aren't gonna kick me out. But m…
  • Freakin sweet!!! I was definitely looking forward to earning this weapon, and knowing it will be achievable through a seasonal campaign is just icing on the cake. Thank you for making this change and informing us! I love the seasonal campaigns and I…
  • I noticed this . If I didn't already have the destructive flaming crossbow and the winter shovel I'd have got it. I'm holding out for the bundle guy to release a razor spear with TR on it *wink wink* @Kaz Gold razor, gold TR, silver SS for a sp…
  • Get an unlimited data plan, then when she realizes she can't use up all your data she'll stay those extra couple days. You gotta work the game, not the players
  • Like @xbamfx said, 7 isn't even half a guild. I apologize if my earlier comment set a bad tone for this whole thread but I'm just fucking sick of seeing hella people WHINE and get their knickers in a bunch, instead of trying to coordinate their guil…
  • To everyone bitching and moaning about the player requirements of GW or "I don't have time", you're just making excuses and whining like little babies. I work 40 hrs a week, have a wife that's sick and a son I take care of, and my guild has players …
  • @Kaz also, if you guys are gonna keep us fighting end-game difficulty enemies, can you make it so we don't lose a regular Guild Wars mission when a character dies? That's kinda ridiculous on top of everything else going into this game mode. I love …
  • I don’t know how good or bad guild wars is because I don’t have a level 12 council even though I’ve been playing this game almost daily for a couple of months so that’s a lame ass issue in my opinion. With how long you’ve rigged it to take to get to…
  • I jumped in my first battle a little late cause it was going when I woke up and I don't think well in the mornings lol. I'll be streaming a fight later this afternoon!