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  • I really hope they bring back GW for the winter update, and do it RIGHT this time. Nobody asked for or wanted a speed race against bots, that's not a Guild War. Just a BOT war. Make it a LIVE PvP mode, and make it so you can only fight once every f…
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  • My gamer handle comes from the far, far away days of Star Wars Galaxies and old-school WoW (like Burning Crusade WoW). I was (and still am) very heavily into PvP gaming, and "pwns" is a gamer term used when you completely trash another pla…
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  • This is a serious issue, if they can't even be honest about such a simple aspect of gameplay as which enemies are on which maps, what makes us believe that NG is being straight about ANYTHING??? Now I very SERIOUSLY doubt the in-game crate chances,…
  • So apparently they stole my shotgun idea now, made it a hunter weapon, and forgot to give me credit. Thanks NG!
  • Having to make a new account to stave off boredom is NOT a good sign for the life of the game....this coming from someone who has played for almost 3 years now.
  • Haven't spent money or hardly even logged in at all because of no news about GW. I finally got nostalgic and had to come wreck the challenge this week but the game is getting stale, outside of them figuring out new uses for old maps. That's the ONLY…
  • (Quote) There's a reason they haven't told anybody any badge drop chances or crafting recipe rates....
  • Agreed 100% Zette. GW was the best thing they ever gave us in this game. They broke it when they dropped the minimum required participants to start a fight. It worked fine when the minimum entry was 7 or even 6. But they dropped it to 5 and SO MANY …
  • I understand why they're postponing it, but if it's really gonna be gone for "several months", they better scrap the whole concept they have now and make it a live pvp mode like they ORIGINALLY pitched it as. It can't be that hard to match…
  • People in my guild are asking the same question. @Vane any info on this or do we still have to wait? People are ready to buy these things NG, if the sound of money doesn't tempt you idk what will lol
  • Thank you @Vane, we just had a couple members leave so we need some time to recruit and fill up those spots. We're arming up and going back to war!!
  • @Quisling I was able to log in and play a few rounds a couple hours ago, it should be fixed now but I understand some people are still having issues. Meanwhile Next Games is basically burning piles of money.
  • On the bright side of things, getting all my toons trained up to 20 and kitting out their gear has been a much more streamlined process than I was expecting lol.
  • @Pandreq I'm pretty sure that's all they're giving us, and next week when something else goes kapooey they'll give us 7 days gas and xp booster!
  • They could've done much better on the compensation but whatever. When they lose 30% of their revenue because capped out players start leaving in droves, maybe then they'll make sure this crap stops happening.
  • Plus the booster is wasted for the first 3 days of challenge while we scramble just to get up to normal RSL because they again took our round passes. This type of stuff is quickly turning people off the whole game. NG better make their next move VER…
  • I'm able to play now but I can't believe Next Games honestly thought we would need or want 6 more days of full gas and xp when we just ended a 5 day boost....capped out players must be feeling REALLY shafted right now.
  • Okay so I got back in but @Vane really bro? All we get is a six day booster? The team at NG literally thinks this is compensation for the constant frustrations and problems your game has been having? Weird flex but okay I guess.
  • Finally got back in boiz!
  • I think we all deserve a legendary fragment and 4 legendary components, guaranteed to make a damage or damage reduction % badge. Anything short is gonna feel like putting a Hello Kitty band-aid on a gunshot wound from a 12-gauge solid slug.
  • Welp I can't necessarily say I'm GLAD that I'm not the only one with this problem but it just perplexes me how the game has been having countless problems since Guild Wars season 2 started....
  • @Vane thank you for the compensation! I understand issues come up, and I think you handled this extremely well. My girlfriend went on some conspiracy bullshit, and I was able to convince her that you guys ARE human, and that the coding for this game…
  • @SCBMA looks like Human Centipede: Walker Edition.
  • @SPC_TORRES that's a LOT of weiners my friend.