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  • Thanks for the info guys , so it is best normally to just get 1 lucky trait on the survivor for example then not get one on the weapon and try to get another trait instead? Or do you guys normally try and get more than one of the same trait?
  • How are people getting 100 per week? I get 30 from season 7 and however many I get from the challenge guilds but I don't get many others other than that amount? Any tips?
  • @GreySeer most of my rant wasn't directed at you , but mainly to some people that have more or less said they don't want any new heroes at all , which would mean some of the main characters wouldn't be on here , whilst I agree with you on the fact rufus doesn't add much in the hero tokens side of things I also think that…
  • @GreySeer you don't know where I got it from? Look at about 15 posts in this thread about people moaning that adding a new hero makes it harder to get older heroes? So In that case they basically don't want the season 7 missions hero rewards etc , and the fact you're happy to keep playing with the old characters and not…
  • All I'm seeing on this thread is people moaning about new heroes just because it's harder to get them in calls are you actually serious? So you don't want coral or negan because of your sacred roulette in radio call? You're happy now to just do scavenge missions every day with the same characters for the rest of the game…
  • @MadPuppy on the 2.3 updated notes though it says you get more radios as well as other stuff as the challenge missions and scavenge missions gets harder etc?
  • null Can you go on the game and not accept the gift straight away then? I haven't had chance to update yet I'm at work *sigh *
  • So without paying money you have to put up with generic weapons? Man that's an awful game mechanic :( dissapointing
  • So if you do one of the guild challenges within the first 20 minutes it doesn't register that you've done it?