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  • I like the concept just think 25 is a little pricey, maybe 20 phones top
  • @TransmuteJun Glenn's trait will only produce 2x supplies even with the 2x experience booster. Because his trait is calculated by the experience from kills and the booster doubles it after the mission is over. You'll get 4x the experience but only 2x supplies.
  • @Purplehayes I think I'd have to give you the award for best comment.
  • @painclasher so you're saying that you enjoy seeing people get screwed with updates and voicing their displeasure over it, like it's some TV show? Not trying to be a @&# just think that was a very poor choice of words. As for the 22 gear being obsolete in a few months. I still think that is not right and that gear should…
  • @Teeceezy I'm sorry but that has to be the worst reason that could possibly be given on the hospital upgrade. It just completely undermines the point of the upgrade. It's the same thing as going to the gym to get in better shape then coming home and eating a dozen doughnuts. I really feel that that is doing nothing but…
  • Capabilities to upgrade weapons past 3 lvls. That would make me happier than anything
  • Let's just say that some guilds will do anything to stay on top
  • > @Guapo said: > I found the 3 harder ones to be close to the same, but inside and out the most difficult. If I had 1 more of scout gear that would not have been the case. Definitely made all the difference. I made use of the 5 sec upgrade and uped a rare vest that had silver wrestling. Wouldn't have been possible without…
  • > @Coon said: > I would like an All out War event 1once a mother or so based on either real time or automated players with 6 man teams on each side. Can do with or without field of Walkers in the middle. Can be expanded to a capture the flag type deal with drop the flag option already incorporated in outpost. I think…
  • I've heard of this happening and think it's disgusting tactics. I'm the leader of a top 25 world guild and would never resort to this measure to recruit.
  • > @Invader said: > Personally I found Datacenter and push on much more difficult at high level. > > > Datacenter was makeable on higher levels with scouts and threat reduction pretty easy with 2 stars, while In &out barelyly gave me one star... I was using 2 warriors and a scout on Datacenter. I made it to 26.3 but…
  • Everyone is talking about how hard inside and out was. Personally I found Datacenter and push on much more difficult at high level. Once I was willing to accept 1 star I didn't have a whole lot of problems with inside and out.