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  • Seconded. Or popping in and trying to poach players by advertising their clearly revolving-door guilds in your guides message board before slinking off! Games like this benefit from discouraging behaviour of such scumbaggery and villainy...
 Thanks for the tip.
  • I seem to be the only one who kinda likes having that 'risk-cost' baked in with GW. It's the most fun game mode, with the best rewards but there's that tension at every turn!I do second the idea of Guild Gas being used to speed up healing though, that seems like a workable idea.
  • Fluxx, you're the example of what a community liason SHOULD be.And it'll be great to see what Lexia brings to the table.
 In a similar vein, I'm seeing adds for what I'd call 'competing' games that looks and feel similar to TWD:NML and I'm like "Hey! No! I'm a loyal NML player, get out of here, advert for similar but inferior game"!
  • Sounds like a lot of the confusion my end is simply down to the sometimes slow updating of the point tallies. Well...that helps explain it, someone from my guild was trying to get a definitive explaination for the mystery point-bumps you see.
  • I have some issues, for example, I'd like to see the 'C' stages unlocked from start, but I think the principle of the format is to Foster communication and for everyone to raise their game. It can be done, my guild's had a lot of fun discussing tactics and they have improved.Guild Leader needs to get pro-active and set the…
  • So, it's a tale of two Darryls. I think Hunter Darryl, as in, the rifle-wielding Version, is generally considered a less-than-great hero. His leadership trait is...ok, but there are better hunters out there. Now, he IS very easy to acquire tokens for (lots of episode and story missions award tokens), getting him to a…
  • I just fired it up again, and it did award charge points when Princess landed hits on affected enemies. I don't know why it didn't seem to kick in before, but it seemed to work that last time. Odd. *Edit* just tried it again. It seems the LT IS working. Princess CAN accrue charge points for attacking an affected walker.…
  • Ok, so you DO get charge points for making an attack on an effected enemy? That's pretty fantastic!
I dunno...but I do now imagine H.Darryl and Beta lisping "Hot stuff, comin' through!" as they saunter past walkers and activate their Leadership Traits...
  • Now that Damage Traits for Merle, Rosita, Dwight and Arron and several others, plus the 'marksman' trait have been reworked, is the viability of those affected heroes altered? Is, for example, Merle now *Gasp*...worth using?
  • Beth and Yumiko will be great additions. But the elephant in the room MUST be addressed. All this time, and we STILL don't have Lori Grimes? That's a Lori Crime...s Her leadership trait could be a two-fer. One aspect could be 'Worst. Character. Ever.' When she dies, the zombies take twice as long to eat her corpse because…
  • Have the announced updates for Negan, and the introduction of Beth and Yumiko changed how people may view the answer to this question? Especially since these leadership traits can all affect a whole group, even when, as mentioned, Beth isn't even the leader. Does Yumiko's mad skillz make a more range-focused team more…
  • OK thanks for the advice. Just go all out on the strengths, don't try to compensate for weaknesses.
  • Sorry, not much to offer as far as the suggestion goes, but hello and hopefully you'll get a decent response!
  • I'm glad I have some of those: Crescent, GW Winter Flare Gun, Hockey Stick, Mace and Deci. Some need levelling up, but I'll get 'em there! I'm still a massive fan of the Hunters bow for shooters as a personal preference The Bayonet Musket...I got my hands on this a efw days ago and it is an absolute joy! I mean, it changes…
  • Good to hear the feedback. I feel assaults are a fun class, but don't add much tactical value. Having a bonafide decent character in the class is good too see (OK, to be fair, Abraham's also a good 'un)
  • It's disturbingly pleasing to know that the eminently fun sounding and bizarre bayonet-musket IS a weapon worth considering :)
  • Oh, maybe I'm getting my bows mixed up! The threat-reducey one seems eminently useful, mind.
  • Thanks for the thoughts! Winter Bow though, can reduce threat with a crit-hit kill! But it's good to know Rick's pistol and The Winter Flare are worth a shout too. I hadn't considered Morning Star, but I DO have it, just need to max it up, so thanks for advising that. And yeah, the Buckshot I found useful as it can hit a…
  • I've been having loads of fun doing just this! I started making a few videos for The FAQ's for my guild. I'm a staunch 'active' level player (I can't casually take on those 'my level+13' type missions some folks seem to just breeze through!) and have made some mistakes as I approach the max level for my people. So yes,…
  • Spectacular stuff for anyone who completed it! Who were your 'dream-team' squads when you went for it?
  • I'd float this in my guild, but there's an issue: WD:NML uses exploitative ads. Two offenders would be 'Kiss of War' (The 'You chose which subjugated female to free from abuse' one is really alarming) and the 'College date' one which literally has an image of guy carrying an unconscious woman away over his shoulder after…
  • It's vindication to know so many feel the same way about GW participation! The notion of just being straightforward and participating if you say you will, refraining from signing up if you're unsure, and just communicating either way always seemed more sensible than my previous guilds' behaviour suggested!
  • My previous guild drove me nuts! It was quite well run in general, we got a good amount of stars from challenges, but I had one thing I couldn't abide... In Guild Wars, if you sign up for a day, you participate. It'd be the same players every time who would not, making a cursory effort at the end of the day, half their gas…
  • Thanks for thr responses guys, that's really helped me focus my upgrade plan.