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  • > @Karajoca said: > You came here to moan about taken points from you, and then telling us how you will play 5th match of the week @JayUGin ? So, that will be fair ? I expect nothing less from you... This is your only chance to ''win'' anyway. > > I will still be happy to teach you a lesson when they match you against us,…
  • Fluxxx talks about flexibility in a game with this format. I am sure that there is less flexibility, and more bugs.
  • we won the fourth day(Red machine), but the game did not count the points but the overall rating, we have first place by a margin, is this done on purpose? probably not, but it looks like this. inside the guild, the right score. and in the ranking multiplication by 1.5 did not count, as if we lost. and still we can play…
  • I do not like the current format. I think developers need to make an in-game vote for this format against the last war format
  • Someone screwed up again. No to finish the old mode, no, you need to make a new one with new bugs. How they can win us? Went to 10 players, because we knew that it would be so)
  • entering one mission and points from it is just a tactic, we learned about it from the forum and use it, and the team that used this opportunity more actively lost to us. so it’s not a cheat, just an opportunity to choose tactics. the more scenarios the war is more interesting.
  • You say that it was before, but the servers didn’t always manage in the last war, and sometimes we lost fights because the fight was not considered completed and this is when playing five people in a team. And now the load will be one and a half times more at least. Now these problems can be joined by new problems with…
  • What early rise are you talking about? Registration began on Friday and you had a lot of time to take days. If we are talking about rotation, then what are the problems so that only those who do not rotate in the early days play? If you are not organized, then an increase in players in the war will lead to even greater…
  • Why did you shorten the days of war and increase the number of participants? But I doubt that there will be one in one team. And this is not fair. If there are many teams a day with 5,6,7, 8,9 and 10 players, someone will get 10 by 8 and so on. As it was in the first wars. By reducing the days you take away the opportunity…
  • i myself have problem with google account save, support doesn't respond
  • Why is the support in the game not responding? after the update does not allow several people into the game. Brainhunter can not enter the game. Can you help? @Vane
  • @Vane hi. will be another level up for badges? I think all want to know to save items or not. Maybe in six months there will be a new level up and then I will craft better badges. And maybe a year is worth the wait and then badges will be even better
  • if my badges will be not top anymore, it is mean one thing - no more need to craft best and be the best on this, and spending gold for it. Just one more reason to go on pensionare. And I'm sure a lot of top players think the same way.
  • Bad news about badges. I have the best % badges, and now they garbage. Improve cifral badges, they need it.
  • Where i can find first Leaderboard from the Nation Wars?