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  • They are really bad bundles, let’s hope tomorrow’s are better.
  • @Lexia I won’t put this as eloquently as @FuriousMoldovan or @ghost_pepper did, but I’m afraid the conclusions from your discussions are simply wrong. Either none of you have used the Morning Star before or you haven’t played the game at all. I’d suggest you look again!
Wasn’t complaining as such as I didn’t know it was a bug at the time, was just asking why the game mode was potentially broken and not an even playing field for all players. Sorry I asked 🙄
Well I never. I knew there were issues with walker going through the gate but didn’t know you could block yourself in 😂 I’m glad I didn’t know as I managed to save several hours of my life. @Lexia thanks for your feedback and noted, I meant no disrespect and was just pointing out the flaws in the game mode rather than…
  • Ok I’m sorry to change the subject away from bugs to something much more legitimate (😜) but I don’t get why nobody else is seeing what I see and commenting on it. I’m not saying there is any kind of cheating going on but how is this still possible? 12.4 MILLION points!!!!! that’s 12.24 million more than I managed last week…
@Shian thank you for re-sharing and stating the actual bug you had identified. I can certainly see the problem now. When I first watched it I didn’t even realise you had a flare gun attached to Rick as there was no fire until much later in the clip. Definitely something wrong there. 
  • 3 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. I saw no bug! Maybe be a little more specific to help NG out a little.
  • What @Busta said 👆 😉
  • So @Lexia are you saying a weapon I purchased two of with real money over 2 years ago has never worked as intended? It’s no wonder I never use them any more. So how do I claim my refund please?
  • Very good point @zombieornottobe I hadn’t even checked that text. So yes, Dog is definitely broken. I’ll ring the vet. 😢
  • Well if it truly is random I think we need to get Dog sent to a training school. What’s the point of mans best friend not doing as he’s told and leaving you left to get eaten by walkers. We should have more control over this ‘support’.
  • You can say it’s indefensible but that’s how it works and how it always has worked. What @Skywithin says sums it up perfectly. And rooted walkers Do NOT move from the space they are in.
  • See above
  • Was thinking about this overnight, and actually if the changes are the same for everyone then it doesn’t matter if the difficulty changes each week (if indeed that is the case), as all players still have the same equal chance of progression. If it’s harder sometimes like it is this week and I have to spend less time…
  • The thing that gets me most about all of NG’s responses is a total lack of an apology. Is it really so hard to say ‘sorry, we made a mistake’. Yes there are ‘thank you’s’ and ‘we’re working hard to fix this that and the other’ but in this thread and the main Devs update post (or any post I have read) there is no apology!…
  • It’s just a visual glitch, teams able to play GW should be matched with equal teams. Read the latest Devs announcement.
    in War bug Comment by Shezza10 August 6
  • She probably heard about the plethora of update bugs and decided to run for it before she lost half her attack power!
  • Same here, two days of ABSENT in a row. At least my tools remain intact and I’ll get to start the challenge on time. This really isn’t good enough though.
    in ABSENT Comment by Shezza10 August 4
  • Another ABSENT here. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could withdraw and join another day but you can’t. Feel much worse for the teams who are having to play uneven battles though, that truly sucks.
  • Awesome Busta, well done again on 1k subscribers 👍🏻
  • I voted Yes based on ‘scoring’ alone. The scoring works fine it’s the format that doesn’t work. Agree completely with Firekid here and a simple step of adding another star to each map for going tool free will be a simple solution that won’t break the game.
  • My apologies for talking about my childhood memories on the forum. I think it was pretty clear I wasn’t talking about this game in any way, however it was definitely ‘off topic’.
  • Well from my point of view if they nerf the most fun character in the game since Beta then I am happy to quit playing. This game rarely offers anything else exciting nowadays and with tools ruining guild wars it’s made me actually look forward to some of the challenge missions. (Yes I accept this may change again when it’s…
  • Sorry to hear that @Danski_46. Not in a stalking way but I’ve been using you as my competition on the UK top 50 all time scorers list and I always look to see how you’ve got on. I noticed you were lower last week and it will be a shame to lose you. Take care and enjoy your walker killing free summer! (From your secret…
  • Agree a push notification would be very helpful but in terms of when you sign into the game as far as I remember you get a ‘Battle Started’ pop-up which advises you that you’re signed up for the day.
  • I’ve had to drop 2 levels in GW (max 44 down to 42) as I got smashed last week. I lost my first 3 battles which has never happened before and I thought it was just me. Even at 42 I’m having to use Medkits more often. I have to agree with the above.
  • Beth’s leader trait doesn’t mention anything about healing @ladre5
  • This is awesome @Crocodile. Pure dedication, well played.
  • The only weapon I want that is currently available is the lucky festive shotgun, do you think I’ve had it appear yet though....... short answer is no! Patience young padawan! 🤣