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  • Yeah but to increase by 3 you need the stun to be gold obviously people get it but it's a waste I have an awesome level 17 bruiser weapon with a wasted gold skill being stun. They could atleast make it fixed so it's always the first skill and atleast waste the silver slot. I get that it's just the luck of the roll but it's…
  • Well seeing as we can't even max out our survivors since some go above level cap it should be obvious they will come out with a way to even the playing field. It would be very foolish to open up pvp mode and allow other players to have significantly higher level survivors. Unless they buff the overall power of each rarity…
  • What if we could select a map and place walkers in the map and other guilds had to go through the map and complete certain challenges. And you would repeat and the guild with the most stars would win. It would only last like 24 hours and you could move up the ladder like tournament style maybe? Sorry just rambling ideas…
  • I get the idea and I have played the card games were you combine to get a better card. I was hoping to upgrade survivors we've had for awhile. I have an epic hunter with max level 10 that I've had since the start. He's not a good survivor anymore since I have level 12 and 13 survivors. So I wish we could customize and…
  • That's a good idea. That way even lower guilds that don't score a ton of stars get something even if it's like uncommon equipment.
  • My max currently is max level 10. It would be nice to have a minimum so I'm not getting a survivor at level 4 or 5 that does not make an impact to my team and therefore is rejected instantly. It would be sad to get a legendary at level say 5 with a max of 12-14 when my survivors are at level 13 I'd have to pass up that…
  • Never had a problem with over watch as long as the walker was a space away my survivors always choose that one. If the walker is standing next to a survivor and doesn't have to move then the survivors skip that target. I think the game feels you didn't take out the closest so you don't care and it registers that. But I'm…
  • Can't get rid of the hunter that easily the distance and line up you can get is way to good. The assault class is really only good with groups maybe if you had some high level assaulters but they don't do a ton of damage.