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  • Need at least a minor present. 8 gas or something ))
  • This sucks :/
  • Simple badge crafting - tell player what the next crafted badge is going to be or at least even/odd position + bonus
  • @Lexia, is there a chance of some dev-love for badge crafting? 
  • Walkers can move through other walkers the same way a hero can move through another hero as long as there is an empty square where it can land on. For stun walls to work you need to have: 1) a line of stunned zombies that "insulate" your heroes from non-stunned ones and 2) no empty squares near your heroes non-stunned…
  • I prefer something like this:
  • Not happy with the status icons either. If they are staying I'd suggest the following improvements: * Sycle icons without fade-in/ fade-out effect and shorter pause in between. It feels like icons are longer invisible than visible * Icons with numeric values - make them stay visible for longer and increase font size. *…
  • And you'll also need the following traits for your bruisers: * Retaliate * Punish * Dodge * Lucky Iron skin and defensive stance can be useful in the beginning when you have no badges or equipment but once you get good badges (3xDR, 3xHLTH) they won't be needed - can't go above 80% damage reduction. In regards to armor…
  • With level 22-23 heroes you should be completing distance on medium difficulty. It helps a lot if you have more than 10 decent heroes (preferably with badges and re-rolled perks). My heroes are lvl23 and only Beta at lvl24. I'm ignoring no-name survivors and less useful heroes until I get to lvl28.
  • What I've heard - 10 years (!) ban for using autoClicker. Sounds a bit extreme (unless messing with NG cash flow now equates to manslaughter). Maybe they meant 1 month instead?
  • In every game I've played all crafting mechanics work pretty much the same way: you put together required components and get the expected result. In TWD NML you need to use 3rd party map just to get slightly better odds because available in-game crafting lottery sucks. Golden components are already precious as they are.…
  • @Fluxxx @Lexia do you guys think there is a chance NG will review badge crafting? 
  • Yes, there are communities which can help and teach how to use the map. It's not kept as a closely guarded secret but it's not straight forward either. The game doesn't give any indication of this hidden schema. If you don't know that it exists you'll never find it on your own. Crafting using a map is not fun at all, but…
  • As to what you SHOULD buy is not a simple question. It depends on how you like to play and how far in the game you are. I'd suggest NOT to carry a lot of luggage as it will become impossible to keep upgrading all "needful" things. Weapons I bought on the black market and use a lot: * Festive Shotgun * Winter flare gun *…
  • I'll star with what you CAN'T buy for gold (as of July 2021). These items you can only get in GW shops or buy for cash: * Morning star * Crescent edge * Spiked kingdom shield * Winter harpoon gun (silent) * The Decimator (with "lucky" perk) * Bayonet musket (with "tactical" perk) * Winter bow with (with "crippling" perk)
It also works in reverse. For example, if you move from Gold tier guild to Silver or Bronze you'll still be able to buy higher tier items in the guild shop
  • The best weapon for Sasha is winter harpoon. It's silent and needs only 2 charge points (regular harpoon isn't as good). Sasha also needs "luck" trait. She's an awesome leader.
  • Yes, both excellent heroes 
From time-to-time there will be special deals which cost 25 or 40 radios. Usually, you'll get much better return on those deals. I use gold to buy good weapons on black market. 
  • I agree, early in the game Glenn is the ONLY scout needed. He has very useful leader trait that makes some missions easy to complete. In general scouts and bruisers are more for advanced players on missions with recommended survivor level (RSL) +8 and higher.
  • You can actually use it to your adventage:
  • 22 hours for a war is plenty of time. I've seen games where wars are limited to 30 minutes with 20-60 minute notification that someone attacked you. Compared to that 22 hours is lush 
  • I like the "islands", however, it would make more sense if section difficulty increase was made in a natural ascending order (e.g. #1 is the easiest, followed by #2, #3, #4 etc). At the moment it a bit of a mess: #1, #6, #13, #2, #7, #14, #3, #8... why is it made in this strange order?
  • I like the "islands" format more, however, it would make more sense if section difficulty increase was made in a natural ascending order (e.g. #1 is the easiest, followed by #2, #3, #4 etc). At the moment it a bit of a mess: #1, #6, #13, #2, #7, #14, #3, #8... why is it made in this strange order?
  • In other games the is a concept of "leagues". Guilds move between leagues based on how successful they are in the previous season. Rewards are based on your current league level. This will create separation between guilds of different level and will give a reason for top guilds to fight to stay in higher league.