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  • The low levels are probably doing it because joining a guild is on the achievement list. It does get irritating when they join, never read or chat, and don't leave. 
  • 680 gas lol. If I did a replay on every single mission I'd never use it all. I don't even know where it all came from. 
  • What makes you think you're entitled to stats on anti-cheat actions? Here's a free clue, you're not. Don't like it? Tough. The fact remains, high level players were caught cheating, and "other people are doing it too" is a defense that doesn't even work for infants. Grow up, and stop playing the nationalist card with no…
  • Everything looks solid! Are "infused" traits the same thing as "special functionality", just with sexy red text? Are they new mechanics for the weapon, or simply extra stats added to regular weapon traits? Speaking of special functionality, it would be cool if those weren't baked into specific weapons, but were a badge or…
  • Leave it alone. The last thing we need is be fighting Carl’s broken-ass skill on every freemen map, and you know that’s exactly what everyone is going to do.
  • Maybe not 5 mulligans, but one or two, just so you can recover if you got in over your head. Also, maps need some minimal description - there are some hard maps I can always finish, while others blow me to pieces on the third move because of constant respawns, and I have no idea which one it’s going to be.
  • First I’ve heard this you can’t be kicked if in a guild wars battle (fortunately it’s never been an issue). Why in heck is that a thing? I can see not allowing the player to quit themselves, but elders should always be able to apply the boot, even if it means losing a war.
  • No flee unless you grab the crate I could go for. But I still want the ability to ninja loot and split if I don’t feel like dealing with Carl and two second chance bruisers, or other RNG roulette combos.
  • Lighten up, Francis. Personally, The only thing I found wrong with it is ... not enough of it. You burn through your gas after unlocking only two nodes, with two gas left over (if you didn’t die). I enjoyed the hell out of what I got to play, and it was fun discussing node strategy over chat. Bump it to 30 gas, add a…
  • Well, I stand corrected. I did not realize that the spawns from the left didn’t continue until you started opening the crate, and it looks like, on the right, eventually you get so many walkers that they block their own spawns. Stepping off the green zone gets it instantly filled though. Cool video!
  • I’ve been opening the crate with a scout, and making sure my other survivors (shooter and assault) are within one turn’s run of the green zone when the crate opens. Then I clear a line for the scout and everyone runs for the exit. The metalhead that spawns is all WHAAT? NO FAIR Sometimes you still get stuck though,…
  • That’s just it, there’s no “all walkers are done”. Once you open the crate, every turn sends reinforcements, and so many of them that I don’t think it’s intentional. If it was one the timer it would be fine, but it’s every turn, which has you fighting against the tide.
  • Where’s a good solid banhammer when you need one? If ever there was any evidence needed that the team is making the right call, here’s exhibit one.
  • Good lord, stop stirring up nation wars drama and let the team run itself the way it wants.
  • Conceptually, this is far, far superior to round passes, especially if it’s being downgraded to +4 where I could easily finish through all my easy rounds this way. However, there are two big problems. First is that you are giving away a vast amount of crates (5/6ths, and most of your supply drops since you only get some…
  • What a terrible idea. Why not just ask for more tokens back if you retire a survivor, instead of sending them to a slaughter mission? Of course you won’t get that either, but still, bleah.
  • Gardenscapes seems to be second only to “guns of glory” in having ads that have absolutely nothing to do with the game.
  • I have to accept this explanation, if for no other reason than I get to yell SHOOP every time I use the crossbow. This reminds me of XCOM2, where early on you get this big damn boomerang axe, and any time I used the special attack in a round, I couldn’t stop myself from imagining the character yelling “hoik” when they…
  • Possibly the only free to play game in existence with zero required ads (people are actually complaining there’s not ENOUGH of them) and a new release that gives users features we’ve wanted for YEARS, and we still get this BS. Just stop.
  • I was wondering where that was! I knew we used to get a bunch of radios for finishing each chapter, but couldn’t remember where it came from. Finished it on easy, no achievement. Did you miss the light machine gun? Epic quality but does more damage than a legendary of the same level. I got mine at 26, which means I won’t…
  • It seems kinda crappy that you put out and issue a reinforcement token with notes that more are coming and the first very soon, and then you take them away for months. I used the free one just last week, with the idea that I would be able to get another one soon, which I need as I get close to unlocking level 25 survivors…
  • Finally got to where I would have been having finished up round passes. Those first 10 or so rounds where everything died if you looked at it funny was SO boring. How did we put up with this in the days before round passes and no easy mode triple rounds? Still, it gave me an opportunity to fully upgrade a good bruiser…
  • There was something wrong with the daily quest reward too. I got a weapon crate, with a level 22 legendary weapon in it, which was lower level than any of my characters at that class (all 23). So that was pretty useless.
  • Blargh, I had 8 passes last week, rare for me to get above 7. I was in sleepy mode and did most of two rounds before it occurred to me that things were WAY too easy. Which is a bummer because of all the lost gas even if we get the passes back.
  • How are the walker levels assigned? Most of the time I’m up against 28/29 walkers, when I have mostly 22 (two 23) survivors. Maybe it’s because most of the rest of my guild is more maxed out, but yeah, way to make it impossible for me to finish more than a couple maps before running out of unwounded survivors. As a…
  • Oh, I’m not saying they’re not fun sometimes, just that the hero bonuses are pretty awful unless you have a full team of geared melee. Bruisers on the other hand, I couldn’t disagree more with. In upper level maps they never get a stun, which makes them pretty useless. At least warriors have double attacks on charge which…
  • Last week the hunter event softened the blow quite a bit - I only lost one round (and also one round pass). I have a feeling it will not be so close this week, since warriors are a lot harder to do well with. Not as bad as bruisers, but still pretty bad because the warrior heroes aren’t great unless you go all in for…
  • Please stop changing the rules from week to week, save it for upgrades. I’m going to lose at least two rounds this week, which will put me back a round pass and cost me rewards I won’t get for finishing higher level missions. There wasn’t even a pretense of adjusting rewards to compensate. Getting sick of this crap, they…
  • Love the gas. PLEASE don’t mess with the level progression the week after an easy challenge, AGAIN. This will be the third freaking time in a row that’s happened to me.
  • Besides being funny, it was surprisingly difficult to finish with Eugene and Rosita in the warmups. It makes you really appreciate the wide angle trait on assault weapons!