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  • We have a couple of days a week for players to practice with new teams, attempt new map levels, work on strategy, etc. There is no pressure to win and if an attack is lost, no big deal. It is very successful!
  • We have a guild member with the same problem. 
Yes, I play the easy missions when I need to complete 6 missions with Jerry. 😉 They could make new challenge maps entirely from the season missions maps. We don’t play them often enough to be entirely sick of them. It’s just a thought. 
  • I haven’t voted yet, but NG put a lot of effort into the season missions and they can’t be replayed! Open the old seasons up to allow us have some variety. If the seasons don’t open, they have my vote to get rid of. EDIT to add, suppose they used the old seasons to make new challenge sets. 
  • For the first time in a long time I am excited to use a ranged team again. For me Yumiko has brought balance back to the game. I guess I am a mid range player. I get 2-2.1k stars per challenge on average. In the Dead of the Night was the first I have used a ranged team in quite awhile. I used Sasha and Yumiko on two of the…
  •  Pin the announcement in your guild! Thanks, NG. I sure hope this means we will be able to purchase gifts for individual guild members. 
  • Could I get an invite to Join a Guild/Visit a Guild? SmokeandMirrors Thanks!
  • Thanks, @IcePeter. I don’t know how old his iPad is. I will check. 
I am honestly glad you are not struggling but many in my guild are. I don’t believe they are the minority. I believe many of the middle - lower strength players who want to participate and contribute in guild wars are struggling. They are spending gold for healing so they can stay up with us who kill walkers. They…
  • Our players that take care of the humans for us are spending gold like crazy to heal up. We are having to change our strategy to accommodate the changes. I think they deserve every extra point they can get! I did some clean up this week to help out and I think the raiders are much harder than before. 
  • I agree with your comments, especially the ones about the new player and having to earn so many tomatoes. I have suggested several times that they should offer a double tomato boost like they offer a 24 hour double xp boost. I imagine people would spend the price of a soft drink to get double tomatoes. One of my guild…
  • @JayZ EXCELLENT post and thank you to everyone who is contributing. This will be my go to for players asking advice. Just excellent. Thank you!
  • @Red1313 Use the search at the top of the page. Sometimes I search things like “Morgan badges” and all the discussion about Morgan’s badges are there for me to read. THIS is a wonderful post. Bookmark it. You’ll be glad you did.…
  • Makes perfect sense now. Thank you, @andy75 and @Firekid.
  • I bet that’s it, @Red1313. We have changed as the game changed. There is no tutorial that includes all the recent changes for new players. I hope you already know all this information. Just in case you don’t, here are tips that have helped me! I learned a lot from this forum and from my guild. Ask your questions here and…
  • I had RGG, Morgan, and my favorite retaliate/punish bruiser. How does punish cause a spawn on top of a stunned walker? I need to know how to guard against in the future.
  • Did anyone have an active walker spawn directly on top of a stunned walker? I thought the stunned walker wall would protect me while I hit elsewhere. When they spawned in the exact same spot as the stunned walker they could attack me. I wasn’t expecting it so I didn’t setup for an attack. It was hard to catch what was…
  • It’s a new element to the game and I think the changes are exciting. It helps keep the game fresh and evolving. Change can be difficult but it won’t take long to appreciate the changes once that bullet dodge is changed to ruthless! 😁
  • @Camel56 The Distance rewards are good. The Summer Challenge rewards are good. I don’t mind resetting the Distance a few times to get the really good reward at the end. This is not directed at anyone in particular. I just wanted to add that this is my opinion and I understand not everyone agrees with it. At one point in…
  • I still use the spear, the snow shovel, and the winter bow that I got from the campaigns. I would use reinforcement tokens on the shovel and bow. I already did on the spear. The bruiser weapon had promise but it turned my bruiser into a low damage warrior. The RPG wasn’t that great either, but the other weapons have been…
  • Sounds great, @Vane! Thank you for the information. I really do enjoy the seasonal campaigns!
  • The spear is fabulous! The Zweihander thing not so much. The tokens are good. The winter bow? Come on. What’s not to like about that? The snow shovel?? Use it all the time. I like it!
  • I have been playing June, 2017. It took me about 16 months to reach level 72. This was my strategy for getting tomatoes as fast as possible. I scavenged tomatoes a lot with Governor in lead. For normal Distance I used Glenn, Maggie, and Abe all the way through with training gear on all. On lower levels of the challenges I…
  • I was just getting to know you, @PigBenis! I am sad you are leaving. I hope you and your pretty girl (what a dog!) will have lots of good times now that you aren’t busy with the game. Best wishes for quality time doing the things you love most. SmokeandMirrors Dixons Dungeon
  • I got my spear today! If there is a badge, here is my pic.
  • Nah. It’s not like they did it intentionally. I’m sure it hasn’t been fun for them either. A strike is usually to change someone’s stance or decision on a matter. Since nothing was done by New Games to intentionally cause harm, a strike would have no effect.
  • Same here about the five misssions. At the sixth one the game froze. I have a friend who was still playing. He played five missions then bang. His game froze up too.
  • Nope. No game!! I played five missions and then the game wouldn’t load.
  • I agree! I will have full xp shortly. I appreciate the double xp but will need a way to spend it.