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  • Warrior with chainsaw can do a charged attack 300-350k depending on who is leading
  • Fluxxx responded To an earlier thread about doing something more with the distance  https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/41809/extreme-distance-mode
  • More outpost/decimator glitch of a different type. 2 heroes in one square. https://youtu.be/KrWSv9RXmuI
  • For balance, I think it should have zero root capability but 100% incendiary on charged attacks. It’d be a useful tool 
  • (Image) Pretty easy.. choose another
  • Note to NG: Stardust challenge isn’t an excuse to run terrible/boring challenges for a few weeks. 
  • Or bring back fire extra damage, that could be fun with this map and charged assaults
  • I saw someone on the leaderboard spend 2k gold (not including gas) to get 120 stars.. they still added 400 more stars later.. no idea what that ended up costing them. Not cheating, just spending a ridiculous amount of gold to lather/rinse/repeat I…
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  • We did his whole set at the end of February and Vermin Control AGAIN as part of KAZ 4 weeks ago. Switch to a new challenge please.
  • I got a free grenade in the TG shop today so looks like they listened somewhat
  • You want the iphone aspect ratio, I see. If they allowed you to install the iphone version on the ipad and then Hit the 2x button, that’d be the only way. But I can’t see them allowing it.
  • (Quote) Of course it sucks. If it was a crate drop it’d be left on the bench every time but somehow +1 TR On charged attacjs was going to be the little thing that brings it over the edge? No way. SS on a charged attack with the same traits as the n…
  • I play on an ipad pro, it scales appropriately
  • I dont count charging him on an early map on the distance and then never using him again as “using” him.
  • (Quote) Alternatively, If you wrestler broke struggle or there was a Leadership trait *cough*Negan*cough* that would let survivors break struggle.. You would have a whole new set of tactics with the added benefit for NG of it being very expensive in…
  • I think it is fine the way it is now. Not overpowered or underpowered. Just leave it and change the description, i wouldn’t dnt waste coding on a rarely used hero.
  • (Quote) The third world dev team they just farmed the code base out to has totally promised this feature can be done no problem ;)
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  • Another developer here.. in agreement with the poster that says you are assuming a lot. Just ask for a feature and leave it at that. They know their code, you don’t. I like the suggestion even better about any weapon being available, i think it wo…
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  • I’m 100% sure it can work two turns a row
  • https://youtu.be/Zw-1pBRVM6o Video starts after Carl had been attacked once and second chance had already activated. 2nd attack he survived but was stunned, survived the third attack, died the 4th. So it is possible to kill Carl in the same turn af…
  • They already got the idiots (i.e. myself) to reroll crappy heroes that have no earthly use in the game, its purpose is done. But my Merle and Negan are lit yo.
  • (Quote) I farm a lot of tg’s so i face Carl a lot. I definitely have seen second chance hold up 2 rounds in a row. And i have definitely seen it succeeding in a round and then failing in the same round. So i still don't know how it works unless it …
  • I think it should still be “Survival Instinct” but what it does is it will break struggle and retaliate with a 25% less likelihood of body shot. But no matter what he needs a rework as he is as useless as a random toon now.
  • Got to have kills to charge. The community vote turned a marginally useful weapon into one for the dumpster. Remember the performance below is with gold destructive, it’ll be worse on the few crits you do get with the new bow. lots of 6k body shot…
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  • Can someone explain the rationale for people wanting charging instead of destructive? Shooters have a damage issue to begin with, without destructive you are going to get so few kills it doesn’t matter what its charged trait is.
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  • (Quote) It is simply variance, over time it'll even out. I cant remember getting any gold this week in the daily quest, I don't think it was rigged against me getting gold.. I just think it was normal variance and I'll eventually get gold. For the …
  • (Quote) I just find it hilarious that a bunch of p2p people (rerolls, weapons, badges, stars, gas, gold, etc) are bitching about people are buying wins and "skill" and that this change is going to upset the leader boards (like there is som…
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  • (Quote) Yeah but he was trying to prove how easy the grenades made it to 3 star and still needed luck to “prove” his point. Just made me laugh.
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  • (Quote) Video would have never seen the light of day if swift strike didn’t activate at 1:05
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