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  • @Firekid , no exact numbers , you really dont expect to write down HP &DMG of Zs , tanks and armors per lvl. I'm playing for fun not to keep stats. What i can tell you is that even after upgrading by top 6 survs to lvl26 (getting an extra 500+…
  • They have definitely changed the values. We sweated to gather 55M tomatoes to upgrade our survs only to be thrown back in square one overnight. So , no progress, just stale. It is the reason i'm thinking of quitting the game after three years. No se…
  • (Quote) @firekid not contradicting. This challenge will give me no more than 8 rp cause i will not progress as much , due to hitting wall ,as the previous one wich gave me 10. And i dont see how 2 rp equals 5 lost rounds from lvl27 to lvl32. Let alo…
  • @Kaz , I will adress the tone issue first wich was indeed a bit off scale. But beeing ,among other things a voice for another 19 players often builts up. Hope for some slack. As far as the p2w is concerned, nation wars gave me the opportunity to se…
  • @Firekid hello mate, my usual lvl is 32 maybe 33.2 with a +50%dmg on a firearm class. Got a couple of players thereabouts, rest of them is anywhere from 26 to 29-30, maybe a light 31 if challenge suits their survivors. And yes! We are a solid team …
  • What's the point in having 30 gas extra in the store when the 2rounds till lvl32 is gonna force you to an early stop? Challenge is what me and my guild are palying the game for ,everything else beeing in the backburner, and we are totaly dissapoint…
  • Once again screwing over the low and middle level players in high level players favor. The two round / difficulty is reducing play-time and fun. Not grind. It is like you are hellbent to drive us out of the game. If you are only interested in hi lev…
  • Stop destroying the game. We are struggling as it is, don't take away fun and play time by making us reach our limmits within 24 hours. No ideas and/or changes, is better than bad ones! A 61% "nay" poll should give you a clue!