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  • Nah, I'm confident NG would make a radio trait balanced, but it might be buggy at first. 1 extra radio from boxes that have radios feels balanced. The round down was a joke, but the not working at max level was a jab at the current governor bug. Honestly people complain too much on these forums. I am a little grumpy that…
  • I've got many, many level 22 survivors. Still getting tomatoes. Max camp level and survivor level.
  • Just like the Governor's trait would be my expectation! 12% more radios from a box already containing radios (round down). Also it doesn't work if you are max level. Rounding up would make it worthwhile of course!
  • Governor is better if you are finishing missions quickly, otherwise use Maggie or Glenn if you are farming waves of zombies.
  • I am also max level. I don't want level 23 equipment, I want more level 22 equipment. Unfortunately level 21 equipment isn't getting bumped to level 22 currently if you are max level. Maggie's trait is better if you kill a lot of zombies, if you finish the mission quickly the governor is better. It is nicely balanced.
  • I'm at camp level 63 and continue to get tomatoes in my mission reward crates. I am not at max supplies though, if that matters.
  • It seems fair that the governor would have a chance of increase something that isn't a level 22 gold into something better (perhaps a level 22 gold?). However, he hasn't done that for me at all (max level), and it sounds like he hasn't for anyone else in this situation either. Probably a bug that needs to get fixed.…
  • I'd like the 24 hour quest timer and the 24 hour quest deletion timer to be reduced to 22 hours. As it is I end up losing a quest every 5-6 days as the timer reset creeps later and later through the day until it flips over into the next day.
  • The removal of the 30 minute timer also made most of my guild members buy unlimited gas, and that's money in the bank for NG.
  • The strongest defense, ironically, is to not upgrade your walkers at all. I'm not sure how they do it but some players in the 5,000+ bracket only have four walkers defending. This means you will have to face the defending survivors unprepared. I think it would be best to have these four walkers upgraded to max level, but I…
  • The piece that doesn't work for me here is that most players have already leveled up the radio tent. This frustrates me because the leading strategy for getting the most challenge stars requires something many players cannot get unless they delete their game and start over. It is my same gripe with the outposts that only…
  • Ah, I thought this was in addition to the radios. That was a small but noticeable bonus that I was happy for. But instead of radios? That feels like we are getting less, but I'm sure NG has done the math and it is a bonus. It doesn't feel like it though. I'm happy to get the tokens though, thanks! It will be nice to see…
  • Giving bruisers an innate armor piercing so their interrupts (with weapons that have it) are more effective would be a great change, both for players and for game balance. This could be a random trait, but I think it would work better if all bruisers have it. I suggest 100% armor piercing but a lower figure could also work.
  • +1 in game name would be nice to change, but limit it so people can't disappear and grief.
  • Yes, this is needed. I realize it is a lot of code to be able to do that though, a decent work around would be the ability to attack your own outpost.
  • I want to second that melee weapons need "piercing", somehow. Perhaps this is an opportunity for bruisers to take their place as the tanks they were intended to be? Give their weapons (not scouts or warriors) "piercing", either by default or as a random trait? I suggest making a bruiser avoid body shots innately, not by…
  • Gifting a pile of tomatoes to the guild to give everyone a small bonus or gift seems reasonable. Giving the tomatoes to someone directly, bad idea.
  • Either this or let replays of outpost attacks be watchable. Outpost defense feels clueless without knowing what it actually looks like to an attacker. "Can they see me around that corner? Can they hit me from that far away? C an a scout make this run? I don't know."
  • I preferred seeing her bonus separate.
  • +1 I find this causing trouble for me, but the root cause might need attention. The "drag to move" control is what is causing problems, whether it is interrupted by jumping to the next survivor or by a phone call coming in, or any other thing. It causes movement that isn't intentional.
  • Please remove a heroin as well if she should die. Not just the dudes!
  • After reading the hateness here I feel compelled to say thank you for interacting with players and telling us what you might do, what you plan to do, and what you were planning to do. Even moreso thanks for responding to feedback! I know it would be easier to not share the ideas you might be doing (like changing how dodge…
  • Love this update, thanks!