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  • I haven't been getting much lately but I think it waxes and wanes enough to relate it to luck.
  • I have yet to see any real benefit from this event.
  • I think it should be 100% of the last upgrade actually. But call me greedy.
  • It'd be nice if the refund was at least equal to the expense of the last upgrade completed on the gear/weapon.
  • I think balance overall should be improved. I would like to see a capacity increase equal to the level of the mission car. Level 2, +2... Level 3 +3 etc. I think it would go far in fairness with the climbing in gas cost while advancing in the game.
  • As far as tents and farms why isn't it a percentage increase instead of a silly 150-200 increase/upgrade regardless of level? That's how it is in most games.
  • I think mission car upgrades should be equal to the level as you lose the amount of play you get as you advance on the maps. Ex: level 2 upgrade +2 gas, level 3 upgrade +3 ... Makes far more sense to me and can't be that complicated to code. It wou…
  • Just mark the thread title with the episode number, that should be clear enough for everyone. It doesn't make sense to have an episode thread where every post would have to be tagged. Unless the thread is titled [fill in name here] was killed by a z…
  • With 2/week, too much guild emphasis on challenges (which is a joke as the rewards are crap) it only serves to hold back personal advancement progression. Frankly earning stars is a thing that grew out of favor for myself by age 7.. It's utterly…
  • Either that or don't increase the cost of play so high as you level. It should be easy to collect gas to play the first few episodes. Low level players get hooked when they advance quickly. Unfortunately however, the improvements among the higher le…
  • I have always been of the same mind. Zombies carry gold, walkies, supplies and exp. Why wouldn't they carry gas too? I don't think it should be a common event, but if they carry gold, why not gas too?
  • I personally don't feel like the upgrades are comparable to the increase in gas as you play. A +2 upgrade is negated by the increase in gas costs as you are playing the story missions. An upgrade should get you ahead but you aren't even breaking eve…
  • Payment vs reward is so skewed. The high gas cost could be worth it if the return was closer to the investment. Playing the challenges essentially reduces my ability to improve my characters and camp structures. Unless playing with a guild it truly …
  • I think the main point is the tents are virtually useless. They may as well not be there at all. There isn't much value to be found in upgrading aside from building points.
  • It would be amazing if we could somehow store those gas canisters for a useful time. I get stuck in that boat all the time where the tank is full and I essentially get no reward. Challenges definitely deserve better rewards. Unless you are in a gui…