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  • if so please write here, im started to think its some kind of regional issue and not sure NG is trying to fix it..
not for me mate. im still out.
  • beyler belli ki oyuna sadece türkiyeden bağlanılamıyor. siz de dahil tanıdığınız tüm türk oyunculara haber verin, buraya gelip başlık açsınlar. az kişiyiz diye kimse umursamıyor. belki sesimiz çıkarsa destek buluruz.
  • in turkish he said he cant but thx to our "great" education system most of turkish players have a great language barrier. thats why its so easy for NG to blame couple of us and kick us out.
  • @NG_Filipe it was working as intended before the update and we cant login after. it was the only variable that changed in this equation. i think u guys should check again. maybe we r locked out of game like russians? im definetly sure problem is not caused by our side.
 well @zbot every other app works properly for turkish people and its only urs started not working after the update and maybe its our end? seriously buddy? dont u NG might've fcked up smth with regions? dont do it mate. dont just try to blame others instead ot trying to help. and i agree with 888. at least make a…
  • benim de redmi note 7. android 10 üzerine miui işletim sistemi. ya bölgesel ya işletim sistemi kaynaklı bi sorunları var. bakalım nasıl halledecekler... in english. my device is redmi note 7, OS miui (android 10 based). its either a local issue or OS related. we'll see how they'll handle...
  • me too mate. what device r u using and what OS. try sending a ticket to the support via nextgames website since in game help button not working. they told me it might take several days. in turkish : ben de bağlanamıyorum. kullandığın cihaz ve işletim sistemi nedir? oyun içi yardım düğmesi de çalışmadığı için nextgames'in…
  • Hey Opus, we have 11 active players too and one of them is not active lately but we really dont want to kick him. are you still interested to merge? how many players do you have now at your guild? can you all come to our guild because of our lately offline friend? as you can see i saw your post very late, im not frequently…
  • This was our last war. still silver 3 but will be gold1 after next battle. with a little help it can be even gold2. still 4 spots open. (might be 5, one of our newer recruits wasnt playing in 2 weeks) if u have a mostly inactive guild grab ur friends and come join us :)
  • join us before the next guild wars, lets fight together.
  • Our current challenge status. like i said before, most of us doesn't care. also i'm not the strongest player in this guild. not even 5th strongest lol 4 spots still open. join us and be casual "dude" (just watched "The Big Lebowski" first time today. man he really is The Dude.) BTW if you are a regular GW fighter we have…