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  • Got this wonderful set of Gold and Silver this morning: Gold is middle left, silver is bottom right. Gold box level is blocked by the ineffectual plea to have me pay 25 gold for more worthless garbage, so I've included a pic of the box opened. Wonderful. Level 21 green gear from a Silver box. Level 20 green gear from a…
  • Not your fault @theldssdl. I blame the programmers for selecting a RNG that could give such insanely bad results.
  • My own results for today: 23 common fragments, using only common components resulted in 19 common badges and 4 uncommon. That's about 17.4% of badges resulting in a higher rarity than the bits used to create them. 23 uncommon fragments, using only uncommon components resulted in 14 common badges (60.9%), 8 uncommon (34.8%)…
  • Yeah, I tried that. Four hours ago. Still no response. This system of resolution is working wonderfully. hashtag sad in my face
  • Thanks @Kaz. Now can you convince the devs to make Bulletproof match the description? That definitely affected my strategies, and the wording is unambiguous. Bulletproof has been used for ages to mean extremely tough or durable, and the description suggests this interpretation.
  • Sorry, but why should I need to contact support? If there's a means to fix it then just fix it for everyone. Beyond annoyed.
  • It's situations like this what cause unrest. I made decisions to upgrade gear based on the plain wording of the descriptions. Had I been given accurate information my choices would have been different. The fix shouldn't be to change the wording. The fix should be to make the trait match the description. hashtag angry face.
  • I'll chime in to say that green gear is instant-scrap for me. Seeing green equipment form a gold chest, as a reward for crossing a boundary in the challenge or when completing the daily missions is a great disappointment.
  • Strange. The game must be reading the forums. Mere seconds after my post my gas updated. But a good chunk of time went between the time I claimed the gas to when it showed up (enough for me to log into the forums and make a post about it). Very odd.
  • I'm 1 for 5 receiving Legendary when using all Legendary components and fragment. 80% getting lower quality than I put in is terrible, and feels like a huge middle finger to be honest. Been playing this game for a long time, but shenanigans like this are turning me off.
  • No, I'm Negan. And so is my wife!
  • 3 times I had all gold components and fragment. Three times I got blue. Three times I cursed NG, their ancestors and further generations. May they only have soggy Rice Crispies for all eternity.
  • My problem is that I was promised a "great" weapon or armour for my gold crate. I got instant scrap green crap instead. Looking forward to being disappointed by the hero token crate I have waiting for me now.
  • And when you scrap it, and you will, there's not doubt that you're going to scrap it, you get less XP than if it were just an XP box. And often times, less than you would get from a "normal" box. The only use for most equipment drops in boxes is to use as an XP bank when you're near your max XP limit, saving them for a…
  • Thanks jester. Much obliged.
  • Figured it must be such. Anecdotally, I'm convinced that the gold boxes are selected at a much lower rate than would be expected. I don't have the stats to back it up, but I certainly seem to be getting well under 1/3 of the gold boxes "available" on my first roll, and less than 2/3 of them on my second.
  • @jester: Any links, suggestions for search terms or a synopsis? I'm quite interested in this as well, but am rather new to the forum. Not everyone has the luxury of time required to search through over a year of posts, nor the memory to retain the information. Thanks!