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  • Thanks ShadowWalker for the info. I guess I'll wait for the decimator, if it comes.
  • Is the golden assault rifle better than the decimator? I only have 1000 gold to spend. :(
  • Just curious, what made him do such a despicable act? Normal players will not do such thing unless he was triggered or naturally crazy. Also, what council level is he?
  • It all depends on what level you are playing and how far you want to progress in any mission. For top tier players, shooters are just not good enough. But for low-tier to mid-tier players like me, I use Tara a lot. Her healing LT and the high damage are 2 reasons why I don't need hours in sick bay. Because of my mid-tier…
  • Use the current turn-based system, upgrade it with real-time PvP, incorporate map creation by players and start a new zombie apocalypse game without any licensing agreement with AMC. With that, NG will earn more money by taking 100% of the profit.
  • An Interview with the Vampire Walker 

Host: Angie Guest: Johnnie Walker (the normal type) 

Translator: Rob Zombie 


Angie: Good evening, Mr Walker. Thank you for taking
the time to be here. 

 Walker: Call me Johnnie and it’s my pleasure. If only I could do this…
 I believe there's only 1 programmer or at most 2 who are working on NML designs and updates nowadays. Since there is a long list of stuff needed to be added and updated, Dream Challenge will most probably be pushed further down the list. I stop being sarcastic about their manpower some time ago. Hopefully, the…
Hope Negan, Jerry and Ezekiel get their turn soon
  • Information nowadays is so easily available, thanks to the internet and yet, they don't do any research on the weapons names. Smell of laziness to me or maybe, perhaps maybe, they are trying to be funny or lame??
@MudMoccasin you have a very interesting top 3 items which piss you off. For me, the wrestler trait is not as bad as the dreadful Training Gear on Legendary Armor. I have been getting that on my legendary armors too often but it is not my top 3. Hey guys, have you tried Grim Quest? If you bored waiting in between…
  • Okay, I must admit I'm not even Level 20 yet but today I am thinking of unlocking the Governor when I happen to see this... He is playing with himself while taking photo shots with NG!! Governor: I feel horny when someone is playing me! I AM THE BEST! While you scrutinize the pic, check out the father Gabriel too. These…
  • What's next, NG? Intoxicating - reduced base damage for 2 turns? Blinding - random target chosen instead for 1 turn? Knockback - survivor falls to 1 square away from walker and lose a turn? Sonic - area (cone) attack by walkers which numbs the leader's trait for 1 turn? Want more? Sigh... Surely, there are better things to…
GoT is my all-time favorite of mine, up until Episode 8. In-between, there were feelings of pain and jaw-drop due to my expectations being subverted. Have you tried the GoT mobile game yet?
  • Angie: This coming September, we are celebrating NML's 5th anniversary. NG would like to thank everyone for all your support. The number '5' is very special to us and to celebrate this occasion, we are going to give you a radio deal that will guarantee to blow your mind off. -------------------------------------- 5X…
  • Daryl: How did they get nose bleed? Why did the survivors not protect their own noses? Merle: I heard those fast walkers were undead women but totally naked. Probably the reason why. Daryl: Sigh Moments later... Daryl: We need to counter those "attacks" from the fast walkers. Any suggestions? Morgan: Introduce some…
  • Daryl: Survivors, are you ready to face the walkers? 

Survivors: Yes Sir. 

Daryl: Good! Time for equipment check. Weapons? 

Survivors: Checked. 

Daryl: Body Armor? 

Survivors: Checked. 

Daryl: Upgraded? 

Survivors: Fully upgraded, Sir. 

Daryl: Well…
  • This is actually a good idea. Actually there's no harm for a GW Practice map. Bear in mind, every year there are new players and some of them want to play GW but are afraid they let the guild down. There's no problem for top guilds because to be member, these newbies would have been screened off. For NG's part, add this…
  • Scene 9 Shane: Angie, I’m not appearing if you want me bald. 

Angie: …but you will get upgrades. Imagine the power!
You will be more famous than Rick. 

Shane: No, means no. I have hair and I like it where it is, on my head. 

Angie: Fine. Your loss. 


As time passed by,…
  • Scene 7 Few minutes later… &#13;&#13;Survivor: Shattered glass? Wouldn’t that make a loud sound? Wouldn’t&#13;that attract more walkers? &#13;&#13;Rufus: I guess so but somehow the threat count isn’t&#13;rising. <grin> &#13;&#13;Daryl: So that’s where the silencer for my crossbow&#13;went to. Darn you, Rufus! Pickle me…
  • Scene 6 Survivor: How does the pickled jar work? &#13;&#13;Rufus: You toss the jar afar and when it hits the&#13;walkers, they die. &#13;&#13;Survivor: The pickles killed them? &#13;&#13;Rufus: No, it’s the shattered glass jar.
  • Scene 3 Player: I want my red gas back! Or give me an&#13;equivalent amount of good stuff like radios or RPs. &#13;&#13;NG: We have decided. &#13;&#13;Player: Wow…that’s fast. Radios or RPs? <grin> &#13;&#13;NG: We will replace the red gas with green gas. &#13;&#13;Player: What!!? That’s not fair. I paid for it.…
  • Scene 2 Survivor: Hey Merle, as a shooter, how do you reload your&#13;pistol? You only have one hand. &#13;&#13;Merle: Sigh, you tell me. &#13;&#13;Survivor: Maybe you can ask Daryl to help you? &#13;&#13;Merle: I think I can still reload a pistol but NOT a&#13;revolver, but it’ll be slow and I probably miss a turn.…
  • I will probably strike lottery if they give us the 5s survivor/equipment upgrade within these 2 weeks. I doubt so... 
  • The truth is, I'm never into specific character classes like warrior, shooter, bruiser etc. In fact, they are pure nonsense. In my opinion, 'YOU ARE WHAT YOU CARRY IN YOUR HANDS.' Restricting specific weapons onto heroes is dumb. The devs are telling us that Merle can't touch a knife because he's too dumb to handle it,…
  • Regardless of what anyone says, the new system is here to stay. Let's move on and try to decipher it. For those who are interested: "Test the system, share your findings here, collate the results and let the smarties decipher the pattern, if any." Someone should start a discussion on this. As long as all players (who use…
  • @Karajoca , you made me laugh with your short-sighted comments on me. You don't really read well. You must be really sore over something. Firstly, I said your ideas are good. Secondly, I don't sound nor am I a game designer. I'm a Physics high-school teacher. I based on facts. You said I will abandon when things go south…
  • All good ideas from Karajoca but here's the reality: 1. This game is a niche game. If you like the TWD series or zombies, you play the game. However, not many people especially young kids like this genre or the game. 2. This game has realistic graphics but kids prefer cartoonish/colourful-type games and that's where the…
  • "we aren’t going to do that because we may change\buff some of these hero’s in the future so you may want to use them." Better hoard more Jerry, Ezekiel and Sniper Morgan tokens for future use.
  • Well, most F2P players won't bother to register here because they don't bother to stick around to play this game for long. Why would NG bother about these casual players since they can't milk a single cent from them. On the other hand, most players who hang around here are hardcore players who had spent a lot of cash or…
  • In my opinion, the Guild Wars should be a special event. Seasoned players and guilds look forward to it. Casual players try it or ignore it. GW is not for everyone. I chose the 'Other' option. I propose 2 weeks of GW and then 2 weeks of rest. Total 4 weeks and it repeats itself. 1. This will make GW a monthly affair. Start…