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  • Yo ho- any room in any of the top Fight Cancer posses? Would love to run some trains with some familiar faces for the fight!
  • You didn't offend me but obviously I struck a nerve. Do you feel nobody should post to your topic? Do you research the game designers website? Have you not seen that they have already stated they are not moving forward with this game? I took your post as sarcasm as it's funny to me, you are suggesting an upgrade and I…
    in Upgrade Comment by Trever September 2017
  • Here is a novel answer. Play a new game
    in Upgrade Comment by Trever September 2017
  • MPH is a coiner. Wait that's in the real game not this dead one
  • WTF.... man if we only met years ago during my single days!!!!
  • Get a room!!!
  • Thank you to those that played with us last event. A successsful return to top 5. We are still looking for new players to fill a some holes. Come on over.
  • I hear ya. (Ina) has done it to WL. Wait I'm not sure we're a top 10 posse but does it still count. She has run 1 train
  • Looking for some new players. Come check us out!!
  • Still room to join. Gonna make a run at top five this event. Who needs a notorious Bigfoot?
  • Can someone tell me where the pool is?
  • Can anyone tell me where the pool is?
  • Event starts soon. Come grab a spot and let's rebuild this once top posse!! Not many posses can say they have been the best. Rouge we are coming!!!!
  • You two cats are all good. I like having fun. I'm sure we will battle again. It makes it fun. Lmao
  • I would love to be Jack if you think that's what happened on top of the hill. Lol
  • Jeez buddy. He was just asking to to take the lead on moving forward. Only a guilty man fires back at someone for trying to be positive.
  • I like where your head is at manhattan. And You would think that might have happened!!! But what really happened was when they got to top of the hill. There was a group of misfits up at the top that called themselves HEH (So weird there is also a group called HEH in CPW) and they forced him into leaving his home and…
  • We're going streaking! We're going up the quad and to the gymnasium. Who wants to join?
  • Did you guys know that Jack and Jill both went up the hill with $1.25. And Jill came down with $2.50. Now what do you think went on up on that hill? Do you think Jack was relaxing? Do you think Jill was having fun? We will never know cause it is in the past.....
  • Thank you Xena. Those are the things why I call sko blind. He either knows nothing or just doesn't want to see how HEH became who they are.
  • Gud - your an idiot. Sko - you are blind. Maybe what I refer to is well before little gudster started playing. If you don't think zero and DA were one of the ring leaders along with James with stealing players they both of you are not worthy of being in this conversation. Why did Sarah leave HEH as one of the main stat…
  • That's right. Because it never was a merge. It was zero trying to steal whatever top players were left. HEH should be ashamed. I actually contacted nextgames and rumor has it they didn't like the way HEH were handling things so they decided to pull the plug on CPW. So It wa HEH that killed the game
  • I'm with Tex. Post a date for a showdown. Seems to be a strong HEH influnence on this event. Why not let another team go against you.
  • Anybody that considers merging with HEH are silly. They have a monopoly on the game and they still look to poach posses. Just face it. HEH is nothing more then a top 5 posse. If you want to complete for the top. Send more trains and stop trying to take top players from other top 20 posses. Your a joke. You realize the game…
  • What posse is merging with HEH. Don't think it's WantedLengends so who is kt
  • I was selected. They needed an asshole to join, I thought I was a shoe in for that spot but didn't get it. Heard they needed a New Yorker and I thought that would get me in but apparently there is someone else that took that spot. I'm still waiting to hear what character spot I got but I was selected.
  • HEH should retire just like its old members. Out with the old, in with the new!!! Go Flash Gordon
    in Hang'em High Comment by Trever July 2017
  • You two can be ass clowns. I simply said double shots and drunk pirates were looking for players and you two start jawing at one another. Lmao!!!!
    in Hey Everyone Comment by Trever July 2017
  • Just foolin around, played last week and this week only. I just logged on and saw 33 recruitment for the same two posses so I thought I would let everyone know
    in Hey Everyone Comment by Trever July 2017
  • Does this help at all?