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  • Not sure I understand your question.
  • Manhattan. I'm surprised you would like listening to someone talk about a wooden dildo and playing with there balls all day. Otter is a funny guy but he lacks some common decency also. I'm sure he fits in well with HEH. All the power to you gu…
  • You were so rude that you pissed everyone off. Shame on you
  • Why post that if your not gonna name them.
  • Do I make you laugh?
    in Bored Comment by Trever May 2017
  • Oh. Lol. You are hairyotter.
  • What did Tom do?
  • Well jeez manhattan if your gonna call me out, then of course I'm going to respond. Hang'em High sucks. They monopolized the whole posse thing when CPW rolled it out. They created their top posse by going into smaller posses and practically st…
    in Hang'em Comment by Trever April 2017
  • Lol- You guys are awful at trash talking or busting balls with one another. I'm down with this chat. Go play GR and enjoy. Cheers!
    in error Comment by Trever April 2017
  • Lol. Another sad response. These second and third place finishes have really eaten you fine folks up over in HEH. So bad that you have resorted to putting together super events every 5 weeks so you all have a valid excuse to tell one another. Her…
    in error Comment by Trever April 2017
  • Little better response!! you are right though, there are so many posses to ruffle thru for you guys. Brings me back to my point on why you even need to request any special invites. But thank you for pointing that out for all of us. But I c…
    in error Comment by Trever April 2017
  • Gotta be honest with ya. That was a terrible response!!! Just aweful. I thought you were a funny guy, what happened? Takes the fun right out of this. 28 HEH members. Lol. Can't wait to see this lineup. Considering 12 of your players for the …
    in error Comment by Trever April 2017
  • Since Oblio feels the need to stir the pot again. Let's stir it then!! So your saying HEH is the only posse that has ever offered to help you. So when I said they are selfish and you replied "baseless accusations" But you saying (BTW, the only p…
    in error Comment by Trever April 2017
  • Lol. I will just be glad they will be doing an upgrade on April 20th. We needed it
    in error Comment by Trever April 2017
  • Honestly I don't care what you do. It's the entertainment this game needs. Gives me a chance to read how great HEH is and then I talk about over dinner with my kids. RJ - are you gonna play for this super event? What if DA comes back for it. D…
    in error Comment by Trever April 2017
  • RJ - I'm not talking about players just playing with other posses as they move around. I'm talking about bringing in other players for just one special event so manhattan can then run his mouth about HEH is the best posse on the face of the planet.…
    in error Comment by Trever April 2017
  • Thank you for the update beatle. Thoughts and prayers go out to Serena. The WantedLegends are sending some strong support to ride the rails with you guys this event. Some have already been accepted in and we wish you guys the best!!!
  • Okay, we witnessed the Winter Olympics with TXP and now the summer Olympics with HEH. Time to get back to realty and take our top spot back. Who wants to come aboard? We are active and look for a good effort in WantedLegends so if that's you, …
  • We all can't say it's great. Someone has to think it's silly. Okay I will play the part. It's Just so silly. Your whole weekend has been shot during march madness. Did you see that shot??? Oh wait you missed it while running trains.
  • there goes TXP record. Now we gotta see Tex come out of retirement. Let the guy enjoy his cup of coffee would ya!
  • Cosmo. There was a time in the game that they didn't offer experience points for trap and bomb upgrades. If you upgraded them at that time, you are like many players that are stuck on 54. Nothing you can do. What I can say is congrats on playing…
    in Level 55? Comment by Trever March 2017
  • If your looking to join a top posse, give us a shot. We do have minimum expectations so usually looking for active players. We ask that you pull your weight and chat with the group. Lots of friendly chatter. If we are full, try WantedLegend2 and…
  • Hey peg. Rogue or double shots?
  • Why no love to the big posses. Lol. Just kidding You and Earl and maybe some others are welcome in our house too!
  • speaking of getting on. Wait. I'll be nice
  • Thanks RJ. It's all fun. I have to find away to amuse myself while I sit here at work waiting in cooldown. I'm only messin with y'all
  • Hey RJdm. Don't get me wrong. TXP has been probably the most consistent the last four months. But let's calm down with this over a year comment. You picked up some heavy players from some posses that went thru some tuff times. Example: Tex and K…
  • Lol. Good night Xena.
  • Xena - I know we have played together in flying pigs and a couple weeks in TXP before I was happily kicked by Mom. Maybe I should been more clear. I don't believe we have ever chatted. I don't believe you actually know me. And now to address yo…
  • Lol. I heard you were handy :). And thank you TXP for kicking me from your boom beach family. And no Xena, that is not bitterness.